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Seven Dimensions of Mentoring

Your most overlooked educational resource is your own top performers and experienced employees.

We recognize that every organization is different, with unique objectives and goals. Our highly configurable platform allows you to customize user profiles and content, to effectively unlock and unleash the learning asset in your organization, and help you achieve your goals quickly.

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MentorCloud solution intelligently combines social and matching technologies, and uses a 7-step framework to accelerate learning and mentoring in your organization.

  1. Social - Is easy-to-use, lightweight, user-driven

  2. Global - Removes geographic and organizational boundaries between your members

  3. Community - Brings out the collective (crowd) wisdom of your experts/mentors

  4. Library -  Builds a rich repository of insights and best practices

  5. Efficiency - Makes it easy for members to stay in touch asynchronously across timezones

  6. Mutual - Helps users form win-win relationships

  7. Measurable - Provides rich analytics and reports for decision support