• Empowers you elevate your brand by tapping into the intellectual expertise and real-world wisdom of your global alumni, to increase career success for your graduating students.

  • Transform your alumni/student network into a vibrant knowledge-sharing and mentoring community, giving your alumni rich and meaningful ways to give back and stay connected with their alma-mater.

  • Provides substantive value for alumni, especially recent graduates, who can receive help from suitable mentors on everything from revising CVs to advice on career advancement to launching new startups.

  • Gives your alumni and students an easy way to find and connect with suitable mentors and experts from their own alma-mater, eliminating the need for you to manually match. Mentors have the control to filter incoming mentorship requests with a personalized intake process.

  • Increases collaboration between alumni across chapters. Experienced alumni in one chapter, for instance, can be instantly accessible as mentors to alumni from other chapters around the world. Same can happen between your students too, where freshman/sophomores can receive valuable guidance and mentorship from juniors/seniors.

  • Allows alumni to share insightful videos and articles, and you can bring out their ‘collective wisdom.

  • Gives you a deeper understanding of your alumni’s needs and interests, which you can use to design suitable programs and outreach activities.

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  • IESE Business School, Spain

  • Illinois State University College of Business

  • University of the Witwaterstand

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