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Published on
October 18, 2019

Every organization comprises of different levels and works in a hierarchy that encapsulates all the employees right from top level managers to junior level executives. Ideally speaking, it is the role of the internal communications department to facilitate communication between the various levels of the organization. Besides, they play a chief role in bridging the communication gaps or loopholes in a workforce. While the internal communications department connects only on the surface level, most employees do not know whom to contact for moral support, for knowledge transfer and other details pertaining to work.

Here is where a mentor is of immense help to the employees. A mentor fills the void that is created in an organization by various factors. A mentor can effectively connect on a more personal level with the employees by constantly lending support and guidance in addition to keeping a tab on their progress.
A mentor is able to penetrate the barriers in communication by successfully implementing certain strategies and developing a more personal relationship with the employees of the organization. Mentors are an absolute essential in the organization as they can regularly monitor the progress of the employee and keep a track on the employee’s performance from time-to-time. Moreover, through regular mentoring, a mentor can embed sense and knowledge to each of the employees in an organization. This can also involve information regarding the various problems faced by employees on the whole and how collectively they can sort out issues.

With regards to bridging the gap between the various levels in the organization, a mentor can either try group mentoring or meetings through a one-on-one basis. There are benefits to both the methods and they will be useful in the long run.

Very often, rivalries and ego clashes between bosses and subordinates can cause undue misery to either parties, resulting in termination and more. The presence of a mentor can ease the tension between both the parties and smooth out their ruffled feathers. Moreover, a mentor can be a guide in times of trouble by educating the employees on the importance of diplomacy in crucial times.
Unity in an organization can only be achieved if there is harmony and understanding among all the employees. The right kind of support and motivation from the mentor can enhance or create a wonderful environment for the employees. This can also motivate people to love their work and instill in them, dedication and passion in their career.
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