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  • Provides an online platform for your entrepreneurs to stay connected with mentors, and receive continuous help and support for their start-ups.
  • Gives your entrepreneurs the choice to find and connect with mentors of their liking. With our intelligent matching engine, you can avoid having to match entrepreneurs manually and save a lot of your valuable time.
  • Provides mentors the control to filter incoming mentorship requests with a personalized MIQ (Mentee Intake Questionnaire).
  • Enhances knowledge-sharing via roundtable conversations on specific topics
  • Increases collaboration between members across chapters. Experienced mentors in one chapter, for instance, can be instantly accessible to members from other chapters around the world.
  • Allows mentors to share insightful videos and articles, and catalyze conversations around those shared insights.
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of your members' needs and interests, which you can use to design suitable programs and outreach activities.

Entrepreneurship networks and accelerators play a significant role to foster innovation and economic development around the world. With MentorCloud, you can connect your growing roster of past and present start-ups, and introduce your in-house entrepreneurs to their experienced and successful peers from earlier batches/cohorts.

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