MentorCloud Releases MentorClaw’d, New Social Network for Cats and Owners

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San Francisco, Calif — MentorCloud, the world’s leading mentoring platform, announced today the release of its new product MentorClaw’d, a social network geared towards cat owners seeking innovative ways to foster learning and creativity in their cats. Already, MentorCloud has received signups from companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Russia, and Brazil, who despite their political differences all agree that a healthy and happy cat population is critical for the future economic and psychological growth of its employees. 

New cat owners can use the platform to obtain assistance and guidance from more experienced mentors, selected through a sophisticated matching system. These mentors can share best practices on subjects like grooming for success, using laser pointers to increase engagement, attracting and maintaining your cat’s interest over time, and enhancing sleep performance by training your cat to stop waking you up at 4 AM. The benefit for mentors is the ability to pass on wisdom from one generation of cat owners to the next, and for mentees the knowledge of how to avoid the common bites and scratches that accompany new management positions.  

Furthermore, high-achieving cats can themselves join the platform and seek advice on breaking into the predominantly human workforce. Accountant and cat expert Angela Davis comments that cats in the workplace often face enormous obstacles, including the inability to type, speak, or avoid falling asleep in sunlight. She has implemented MentorClaw’d to help support this burgeoning market and provide critical support for cats in their formative years. 

“I’ve noticed that recent cat hires are oftentimes disengaged and disinterested, contributing little to the workforce and putting significant strain on company resources. We are Dunder Mifflin take employee satisfaction and growth seriously, and have chosen to implement MentorClaw’d as a mechanism to encourage and support these employees while allowing them to maintain their independence.” 

Learn more about how MentorClaw’d can help your workplace by signing up for a demo with CEO Ravi Gundlapalli. To explore how the platform can support human-centric businesses, accelerators, universities, and professional networks, visit MentorCloud for more information. 

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