Web Worthy: A Weekly Mentoring Roundup (July 3 – July 9)

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(Photo from “Millennials and Boomers in the same workplace! How we can all get along” )

MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series is a curated list of the best mentoring articles and stories from the past week. Check in every Thursday for inspiration, guidance, and practical advice on everything related to mentoring! 

The Takeaway: 

  • How Mentoring Augments the Entrepreneurial Journey by Lewis Schiff via Entrepreneur 
    • “Our society recognizes the value of education, but there are few educational opportunities for entrepreneurs that speak directly to their unique needs  (ie: all the intangible skills it takes to run a business, like reading people in a meeting, negotiating and weeding through different people and talents to find just the right one). Mentoring is the closest thing we have, and it’s as important today as ever.
  •  The dos and don’ts of a great mentoring relationship by Sara McCord (of The Daily Muse) via Mashable
    • “Having a combination advisor, friend, and powerhouse in your professional corner can be the absolute best. But finding one is only the first step. Next you need to build the relationship.”
  • What Schools Can Learn from Corporate Mentoring by Anny Chou via the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
    • “Schools should be alert to the premium employers are putting on expanding their employees’ access to mentoring and the innovations they are using to scale these efforts.” 

In addition to bringing you to the best articles on mentoring each week, MentorCloud’s Web Worthy series will be sharing two articles featuring key business insights from some of the top publications. This week’s insights address leadership. 

The Takeaway: 

  • Which Of These 4 Leadership Styles Are You? by Mark Murphy via Forbes 
    • Leaders can be effective or ineffective within each of these four styles, and there are a million subtle variations, but these four styles give us a way to pinpoint some major philosophical differences between leaders.”
  • Millennials and Boomers in the same workplace! How we can all get along by Cathy M. Littlefield via Philadelphia Business Journal
    • “While the age gap can cause issues, whether you are in a position sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials, or you are on either end of the spectrum, your approach to leadership is what will make or break the age divide within your organization.

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