Debunking Common Myths About Mentorship Programs

As popular as mentorship programs have grown, like anything else that is relatively new, they are not without misconceptions. The concept of having an officially designated mentor who can help [...]


The Do’s and Don’ts of a High-Impact Mentoring Program

A mentoring program, when executed the right way, can work wonders for a company. It’s one of the best ways to boost morale, increase employee engagement, inculcate a collaborative culture, and [...]


Make a pact with yourself and time…. to make an Impact.

I was talking to my good friend Jacqui when these statements just popped out of me during our insightful conversation: “We shouldn’t leave this planet like we leave a casino – [...]


Life Lessons from Mountains and Rivers…

I love nature and am passionate about preserving it. There is a wonderful native american quote that says: “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our [...]


The magic of ‘accelerated success’…

When the right people come together at the right time, magic happens. The magic I am referring to is ‘Accelerated Success.’ I have written earlier about one such magic that happened [...]


Ice Cream, Entrepreneurship, and Mentoring

Yesterday, the “Let’s get the Taharka Brothers’ ice cream truck on the road!” campaign to raise funds through Kickstarter was a big crowd-sourcing success: they asked for [...]


AAUW, IISc Presentations by MentorCloud

This has been a traveling summer for Team MentorCloud: In June, Katy Dickinson presented at the the American Association of University Women (AAUW) national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. [...]


Distance Mentoring for Doctors and Lawyers

Common questions from organizations starting up a new mentoring program are about mentors and mentees working at a distance: How does distance mentoring work? Is it as effective as local [...]


TiEcon Women’s Forum, Innovation

  While  MentorCloud was at TiEcon “The World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs” last weekend mostly to help run the MentorConnect program and to meet current and future customers, we [...]


Journey with a Purpose

The week before TiEcon 2013, MentorCloud invited Sashi Chimala to talk about mentoring from his perspective as a successful long-time serial entrepreneur. Sashi has founded a wide variety of [...]

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