Failed Founders Make Great Hires

A failed founder is without question one of the most experienced people to go after in the job market. They have shown that they will take risks, work long hours to achieve success, communicate with customers, and blend all of the different pieces of a company’s operations into one. Most importantly, their previous failures give them an insatiable hunger for success – and it’s your company that will benefit. 

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8 Ways to Make Meetings Suck Less

For many, “meeting” is an evil word. Meetings can suck the life from you and your staff, particularly your millennial workforce, by distracting from the critical day-to-day actions that are needed to keep a business afloat. Poorly-run meetings waste more time and money than any other facet of corporate life, a problem to which startups are especially susceptible. 

On the other hand, well-run organizations properly hire and train managers who can keep meetings short and to the point, with an outline and an accurate list of who needs to be in the room. This frees top performers to continue their winning streak, rather than find themselves stuck in an office-wide meeting that has no bearing on their work.

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