MentorCloud For Sales

Give Your Sales Team The Tools They Need To Be Successful


Your salespeople, whether they are rookies or rockstars, benefit from conversations with internal and external experts that can help them advance the deals they are trying to close.


Sales teams are always seeking new ways to streamline the process so the company can bring in more revenue faster and more efficiently. In many cases, the knowledge necessary to close deals is already in your organization – teams just need to know who to ask. Today, finding the right help can be very cumbersome.


MentorCloud enables your sales team to seek out specific individuals by domain expertise to help provide the insight to close these deals faster.  MentorCloud’s Intelligent Matching Algorithm will match your salesperson to whomever in the organization best fits their need. This not only saves time and money, but also gets the deal closed faster, adding revenue that might have otherwise slipped away.


MentorCloud For Sales Teams

  • Access your organization’s tribal knowledge via archives of previous mentoring conversations between other salespeople and other experts
  • Find and connect with relevant internal and experts
  • Provide a space for one-time or ongoing mentoring conversations
  • Provide access to a library of reference materials (optional)

PLUS, if your sales teams are using real-time collaboration tools like Slack, MentorCloud listens and monitors conversations to proactively suggest conversations with one or more internal or external experts.

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