Executives & Employees can strike up Intentional Conversations and test the waters before making a mentoring commitment

Simplifying the way you engage your workforce.


Companies both large and small are looking for ways to engage their most important asset – human capital, in both unique and inspiring ways. Simply pushing another program does not work. There needs to be a genuine effort to give your workforce what they want – knowledge

We have partners who use MentorCloud as a:

  • Tool to help in their onboarding process
  • Identify and engage high potentials
  • Help pass knowledge from person to person
  • These are just a few of the ways MentorCloud has been able to impact companies on a global level

MentorCloud Spark helps facilitate the wisdom transfer in a way that drives engagement unlike any other platform.

MentorCloud Spark Conversations


Ready to take a test drive?
Onboarding – Employee Engagement – Identify High Potentials

MentorCloud's Spark Branded Screen

Mentorcloud Spark

Branded & White Labeled

White labeled and Branded to your specifications. From your logo to your color scheme we make it look and feel like you desire.

Mentorcloud Spark

Intelligent Dashboards

Dashboard that has all the information needed for upcoming and past sessions

MentorCloud's Spark Dashboard Screen
MentorCloud's Spark Smart Profiles Screen

Mentorcloud Spark

Smart Profiles

Easy to use data base with profiles for both mentors and mentees.

Mentorcloud Spark

Integrate with LMS

Integrate with your Learning Management system or simply add content to the library as you go.

MentorCloud's Spark LMS Screen
MentorCloud's Spark LinkedIn Integration Screen

Mentorcloud Spark

LinkedIn Integration

Customizable database with API integration to LinkedIn for easy upload of profiles.

Mentorcloud Spark

Realtime Analytics

Real-time analytics to track and more importantly gauge the health of your program

MentorCloud's Spark Realtime Analytics Screen

“Our mission is to catalyze 100 million mentoring conversations by 2020”

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