Introducing MentorForce

In Jan 2021, we are making our world-class platform available for Individuals to join and get mentorship.

We are starting with 

Project Managers.


Project Managers make things happen in companies,

ensuring on-time delivery of products and services to internal and external customers, and yet don’t always have clearly defined career paths to grow into senior leadership roles.


We offer a robust mentorship and leadership development program for aspiring project managers that includes career support, leadership education along with 1-1 mentoring sessions with professionals in leadership roles at world-class companies.

Why Project Managers (PMs)?

Our experience shows…

  • PMs being in a lead role demonstrate readiness for leadership & growth
  • PMs do not have clear growth options unlike technical lead roles
  • PMs have greater support from their leadership for continuous learning
  • PMs can be easily identified (e.g. Linkedin) as our 1st focus group
  • PMI and similar associations focus on certifications but don’t offer mentorship and leadership development

Mentorship and Leadership Development Platform

for Growth-Seeking Project Managers

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

You can schedule 1 to 1 mentoring sessions with our mentors.

Private and Anonymous

You can privately ask questions and receive actionable wisdom 

Leadership Development

You can access leadership training from industry leaders

Leadership Tools

You can access books and tools to build your leadership skills

Goal for the First Cohort of PMs

Test the offering and ‘handcraft’ a great experience that is unique and value-adding

Qualified Applicants Only

Accept only qualified applicants and give them a career differentiator to brag about


Help PMs overcome career challenges, answer their critical questions, and be their trusted coach / mentor

Career Journeys

Provide for leadership growth with great mentors and courses

Strategic Networking

Connect them to a exclusive community of experienced mentors and thought leaders.

Some of our Super Mentors & Advisors

Keith Ferrazzi

NY Times Best Selling Author and former CMO of Deloitte

Kevin Harrington

 Original Shark of Shark Tank and Co-founder of EO

Golbie Kamarei

 Chief People Officer (Quay) & TED Speaker

Becky Cotton

 Founder of Google Guru program and ex-Googler

Brian Lillie

Former CIO at Equinix and Board member of multiple unicorns

Dilip Saraf

LinkedIn Top Coach

Lee Benson

Serial Entrepreneur and Leader (mentored by Jack Welch)

Shilpi Narang

Program Director at Facebook

Blaine Bartlett

World’s greatest motivators and leadership coaches