MentorCloud facilitates growth acceleration on both a personal and organizational level, offering a sustainable solution to employee disengagement and stagnation.

Maximize the potential of your network connections by engaging your members on MentorCloud. Search for and find like-minded individuals to work on personal and professional projects. Utilize MentorCloud’s several tools and the power of your own organization to turn powerful ideas into actionable goals and achievements. Learn more about how MentorCloud benefits professional associations. 

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TiE is a not-for-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, is an open and inclusive organization that has rapidly grown to more than 60 chapters around the world. TiE is founded on the principles of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. TiE has 2,500 charter members who passionately and actively mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, throughout the year and during the organization’s annual TiECon conferences.

TiE SV MentorConnect platform, powered by MentorCloud, is an online extension to TiE’s signature mentorship programs that already happen at each of its global chapters. TiE’s flagship annual conference TiEcon is considered the largest entrepreneurship conference in the world and each year, TiE organizes mentoring sessions between their mentors and entrepreneurs, handling everything manually starting with building profiles to matching to scheduling. For the first time in its 20-year history, TiE leveraged the MentorCloud platform to organize the MentorConnect event at TiEcon 2013. Satisfaction rating for this event in prior years was under 25% which this year as a result of MentorCloud shot up to 96%. More details and metrics about this outstanding success can be accessed at TiE also released a one-minute promo video ( about this program which has since become a standard for entrepreneurship networks to leverage powerful platforms like MentorCloud to significantly enhance the vibrancy and richness of interactions between their mentors and entrepreneurs.

To Accelerate Success is our mission, and with MentorCloud, you can truly Accelerate Success for your entrepreneurs.

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Mentoring is as much about learning as it is about teaching. And I find that I learn really interesting things about why people want to do stuff, and that helps me engage and want do other things that are interesting that I would do too. So I always find it not a one way street but a two way street. – Adithya Padala, President & CEO, Umevoice, Inc.

ALUMNI NETWORK: Alumni associations have the most to gain from MentorCloud. The basic premise of an alumni network – a group of like-minded individuals with a common background – has powerful connotations, but is in practice incomplete. MentorCloud’s features and functions bring alumni networks to life, providing the critical component of personalized human interaction that most alumni networks lack. MentorCloud is deepening its relationship with several alumni associations, so contact us if you are interested in implementing MentorCloud within your network. 

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: MentorCloud is expanding quickly, and has already extended its user-base to more than 70 countries. In addition to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), and the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance (IDEA), our clients include the Life Reimagined Alpha branch of the American Association of Retired People (AARP), Erasing Borders, and Cuso, an alliance of Accenture and USAID. 


By establishing rich mentoring relationships through which users share knowledge, best practices, and resources, you help create a system in which members can support personal and professional growth.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: MentorCloud is in use in more than 70 countries. The following start-up accelerators, ranging from the Silicon Valley to South Africa to India, have harnessed the power of cloud mentorship to develop their entrepreneurs into globally competitive thought-leaders.  

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Meetings can be conducted by phone, through video conferences, or in person at our beautiful new San Francisco home, Runway.

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