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MentorCloud is an Online Platform that successful organizations use to Engage and Retain their top talent through Mentoring

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The Hard Costs of Loosing an Employee

The average expense to replace an entry-level employee can be up to 50% of that employee’s salary. For a supervisory role, that replacement cost could go as high as 150% of the annual salary – Center for American Progress


The Ugly Cost of Culture Clash

50%-70% of mergers fail or do not achieve the intended results due to misalignment of cultures.

With MentorCloud, you can rapidly create intentional communication channels across all your companies and brands, build a ‘Culture of ONE’ and achieve rapid business results.


The Indirect Costs Of Employee Turnover

It can take 8-12 weeks to replace a knowledge worker when they leave your company. And once a new person joins the team, you will be faced with another four to eight weeks (at a minimum) before your new hire is fully trained, comfortable, and productive in their new role.

The Real Cost of Employee Disengagement


The Tech Sector In The Silicon Valley Has The Highest Turnover Rate At 13.2% Out Of Every Single Business Sector, According To A Recent Turnover Report From LinkedIn

According To PayScale’s Recent Employee Turnover Report, The Employee Turnover Rate Among Fortune 500 Companies In The Silicon Valley Is The Highest Among All Industries Surveyed

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The tech sector in the Silicon Valley has the highest turnover rate at 13.2% out of every single business sector, according to a recent turnover report from LinkedIn

According to PayScale’s recent employee turnover report, the employee turnover rate among Fortune 500 companies in the Silicon Valley is the highest among all industries surveyed

“Our mission is to catalyze 100 million mentoring conversations by 2020”

MentorCloud Overview

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Mentoring Sessions Mentoring Relationships
Mentor/Mentee Profiles Extended Mentor/Mentee Profiles
Open/Book Mentoring Sessions Mentoring Requests/Offer Workflows
Calendar Integration Private Space for Collaboration
Learning Resources Round Tables for Group Mentoring
Feedback Surveys User-to-User & Group Messaging
Real-time analytics & Insights Admin Reports w/Manual Matching
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“Our mission is to catalyze 100 million mentoring conversations by 2020”




  • MentorCloud is a more affordable way of keeping your employees engaged
  • MentorCloud is an online platform that comes with the strength of a proven mentoring process


  • MentorCloud’s Mentoring Platform facilitates employee retention
  • Compete by retaining top people and engage them in meaningful ways


  • You can’t compete if your employee’s churn/ best people are leaving
  • Stop letting great ideas go unnoticed
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