Our Global Partners


South East Asia


Leaderonomics is a social enterprise passionate about transforming nations through leadership development.

Since founding in 2008 in Malaysia, we have impacted thousands of leaders across different types of organisations from MNCs, SMEs, NGOs and GLCs, across all levels of leadership as well as kids and youths from 8-24 years old including those in the underserved communities.


Australia & New Zealand


MondoMentor offers fully customised, Industry specific mentoring solutions to activate knowledge flow, increase productivity, build a culture of learning and improve cross-functional team communications to connect and grow your people and your organisation for greater futures.


Spain & Latin America

Red de mentoring de España

Red de mentoring de España is a non-profit platform aimed at professional organizations and new corporate initiatives offering management services, support, training and mentor accreditation, and mentoring programmes.


North America

Ferrazzi Greenlight

Ferrazzi Greenlight is a management consulting firm that specializes in shifting the engagement and performance of people and teams by increasing their openness to change. Based in Los Angeles and working around the world, our 15 years of applied research at Fortune 500 companies has proven that strong relationships at key interfaces transform customer experience, perceptions about your company’s value, and your results.

“Join us on our mission to catalyze
100 million mentoring conversations by 2020”

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