mentoring – made simple and scalable.

There’s a clear competitive edge for companies with structured peer-to-peer learning and mentoring programs, and proactively facilitate ‘intentional’ conversations, beyond incidental. 


Private cloud-based platform to facilitate meaningful mentoring or knowledge-sharing conversations between your experienced and aspiring employees. Great solution for companies to build a vibrant culture of learning and sharing.

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Private cloud-based platform to facilitate 1-on-1 mentoring relationships between your mentors and mentees, supports group mentoring conversations, and includes library for sharing inspiring content with each other. This edition also comes with enterprise-grade integrations such as single sign-on, HRIS/LMS integrations and more.

Schedule a conversation to learn how to bring the power of MentorCloud Enterprise to your organization.


MentorCloud Spark and MentorCloud Enterprise solutions are both designed to empower your employees to learn new skills and insights faster, and to continuously grow in their career, making them more engaged and happy about their work.

Contributing as inspiring mentors and sharing their experience from actual accomplishment, your best employees earn wider recognition and significance, making them more committed to your company and less likely to defect to another company.

MentorCloud Spark and MentorCloud Enterprise Solutions are highly-configurable. Click on the affinity network that most closely resembles yours, to learn more.

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