• The journey of the Google Guru program

  • Who were the participants and how the program improved employee engagement

  • Benefits and measurable results from facilitating Mentoring conversations between employees

  • Use of GROW Model for coaching/mentoring

  • The Do’s and Don’ts when launching an internal mentoring program

Becky Cotton has worked for over 30 years helping leaders find and leverage their passion, purpose and authenticity through coaching.  As a recent retiree from Google, she worked on the Executive Coaching and Leadership team and was one of the founders of Google’s internal coaching program known as Guru+. Under her leadership, the program grew to include 750 coaches serving thousands of employees in over 150 global offices.  Following her 12 years at Google she remains passionate about the engagement, growth and retention of employees. She’s been a panelist and speaker at industry events, has facilitated, trained or coached thousands of leaders on topics such as mentoring, coaching, career development, leadership, management, communication and conflict resolution. She is honored that her work and leadership has been featured in the following books.  Work Rules, The Pivot Method and Pause. 


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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