Plan your people’s growth

When careers stagnate, people leave.
Give your employees a roadmap for their professional growth. Pair them with internal mentors to provide highly personalized and intelligently mapped growth opportunities.
Fast-track career growth
of employees look for personalized training
of employees see a severe shortage of opportunities to grow
of employees say that professional development boosts satisfaction

Speed up career growth with personalized learning

Accelerate career progress
Match employees with mentors who can help them grow their careers faster.
Identify next gen leaders
Identify and develop your star performers for leadership roles.
Facilitate peer-to-peer learning
Promote community learning to develop new skills

Let your employees learn from your experts

Build your next generation of specialists with the help of your current ones. Intelligently pair mentors and mentees based on shared goals and values with MentorCloud's AI-based matching.
Retain top talent
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Provide your employees with multiple ways to learn

Enable employees to learn from their peers and senior leaders from across functions, roles and cultures. Make self-paced and continuous learning easier with one-on-one mentorship, expert sessions and community based knowledge hub.
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Nurture leaders with a growth-oriented community

Provide direction and purpose to high-potential employees with measurable growth checkpoints. Use analytics to plan targeted interventions that let your people upskill more effectively.
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“Since the inception of our mentoring program using the MentorCloud platform, we have steadily grown our mentoring partnerships and this has had an encouraging impact on our organisation.
Tina Fleming
Tina Fleming
Operations Manager
“MentorCloud enables us to achieve our mission to support the career journey of IESE Alumni and students by providing the right tools, resources and guidance to drive their careers. Alumni continue to join the program and interact with each other, sharing support and strengthening bonds.”
Angeles Losa
Angeles Losa
Head, Career Management Centre

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