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Every day, the world’s best and fastest growing companies use MentorCloud to drive higher employee engagement and retention, leveraging the power of mentoring.

Our cloud-based platform catalyzes mentoring conversations and relationships globally, throughout your organization.

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Why world’s best organizations choose MentorCloud!

World-Class mentor matching engine

Multi-parameter based engine that leverages the power of IBM Watson. Over 95% of our users rate this as #1 value.

Ease-of-use Platform

Upon finding suitable matches, Mentors and Mentees can easily schedule meetings and conversations, both on Web and Mobile devices.

Program Administration Module

Mentoring champions have access to real-time dashboards and feedback surveys along with tools for manual matching and user management.

Branded look and feel

Platform and email notifications can be customized with your branding and colors, along with single-sign-on integration.

Highly scalable platform

Our technology is built to support thousands of mentoring sessions and relationships, globally.

Education and Training

Our implementation includes ‘The Art of Mentoring’ workshops along with training for mentors and mentees via MentorCloud University.

#1-Ranked Customer success Team

We help you launch and successfully roll out your mentoring program, using our proven 7-step mentoring framework.

Integration Toolkit

MentorCloud easily integrates with popular enterprise platforms, such as, Workday, SalesForce, Google, Outlook.

Learn how you can rapidly increase the number of mentoring conversations in your organization.

The ROI of Mentoring

Companies with engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in revenue – Gallup

Companies with high engagement see a 41% reduction in absenteeism, 17% increase in productivity and 24% decrease in turnover.

Majority Of Employees (>60%) Tend To Stay Longer In An Organization When They Have One Or More Trusted Leaders To Turn To For Advice And Perspectives.

Employees That Are Part Of A Well-Designed Mentoring Program Can Be 88% More Productive

Mentoring conversations can drastically improve
employee engagement and commitment

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Learn how you can rapidly increase the number of mentoring conversations in your organization.

MentorCloud is designed by globally renowned thought-leaders

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The Art Of Mentoring

“Our mission is to catalyze 100 million mentoring conversations by 2020”

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