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Our mentoring experts work with you to design your program based on your specific business goals and success criteria. We help you figure out communication plans, participation incentives, and integrations with other internal systems.
We utilize in industry-leading mentoring best practices to set up your mentoring program for success.
We configure and launch the platform with your company's branding.
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Onboard your team with training and best practices

We conduct training for  Mentors, Mentees so they gain knowledge on how to be effective mentors and mentees. We train program administrators on how to run and monitor all programs.
We organize Basecamp events to kick off your program to  maximize participation.
We help onboard mentors and mentees to catalyze mentoring connections.
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Scale the mentorship program with a powerful AI platform

AI-assisted mentor-mentee matching to create lasting, meaningful, and valuable mentoring relationships.
Schedule mentoring sessions, live video, chat, and notes for rich mentoring interactions.
Catalyze 1:1 mentoring, mentoring forums, mentoring sessions through nudges and guides.
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Develop an engaged community with mentorship

Ongoing support for mentors and mentees throughout their mentorship journey.
Develop an inclusive mentoring community through team events and celebrate success.
Customer success and program reviews to track mentoring adoption and business KPIs.
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Celebrate outcomes, wins and ROI

Mentees win as they accelerate their journey towards their goals.
Mentors win as they get an opportunity to pay it forward and build their personal brands and matter more.
Your organization wins by leveraging mentorship as vehicle to drive employee engagement, onboarding new employees, scaling knowledge, increasing productivity, and creating tangible business value.
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Since the inception of our mentoring program using the MentorCloud platform, we have steadily grown our mentoring partnerships and this has had an encouraging impact on our organisation.

Tina Fleming
Operations Manager, Educate Plus

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Being a mentor has allowed me to think critically in ways that I haven't. It truly allowed me to view situations in an entirely unbiased way and give the most genuine advice possible.

Davanh Inthachanh
Director, People & Culture, Seven West Media

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MentorCloud enables us to achieve our mission to support the career journey of IESE Alumni and students by providing the right tools, resources and guidance to drive their careers. Alumni continue to join the program and interact with each other, sharing support and strengthening bonds.

Angeles Losa
Head, Career Management Center, IESE

Build and scale your mentoring program on a World-class Technology Platform

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World-class security

MentorCloud deploys bank-level security and cyber security best practices for data and application security to protect your sensitive people data.
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Enterprise-class Integration

Two way integration with enterprise CRM, HR and single sign on  platforms including Workday, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Okta, and many others.
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Make mentoring a strategic pillar of your transformation.
We will help you design and operate a world-class mentoring program.

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