Most organizations start by organically creating a mentoring program and administering it manually using spreadsheets. That works great for some time, but soon the administration of the mentoring program becomes tedious and reduces the program's effectiveness. This situation puts the program in jeopardy, and the intended transformation does not take place.

To address these challenges, organizations invest in a mentoring platform that has multiple capabilities to operate a world-class mentoring program

A mentoring platform is a critical and valuable tool to drive transformation at scale across the organization. It is the digital connective tissue that creates engagement between employees and accelerates the organization's growth.

The mentoring platform matches mentors and mentees based on their skills, expertise, experience, and values

Provides workflows to guide mentors and mentees through their mentoring journeys.

The platform provides the audio, video, chat, and calendar tools necessary to have a rich mentoring experience.

Enables the mentors and mentees to identify To-Dos and action items throughout their mentoring conversations.

The mentoring platform enables the mentors and mentees to focus on specific mentoring topics to ensure learning and sharing of expertise.

Provides a mechanism to implement different mentoring models: 1:1 mentoring, reverse mentoring, group mentoring, and peer mentoring.

The mentoring platform also provides learning and training capabilities to help a mentor become a better mentor and help a mentee become a better mentee.

The platform helps build a community that learns together and grows together, where the participants help each other grow.

The mentoring platform helps the administrators and sponsors of the mentoring program design the program to create the best experience for mentors and mentees and create business outcomes for the organization.

It provides administrators with the ability to manage mentoring program participants, build momentum in the program, and measure tangible business results.

The platform enables the participants to create fireside chats with executives and create team events to celebrate mentoring success

The platform integrates with enterprise systems to unify profile information across the organization to create a better user experience and better analytics.

What is the difference between Mentor Platform and Mentor Software ?

In many organizations, when they look for a mentoring solution, they are looking for mentoring software. Unfortunately, mentoring software is only part of the overall solution. That is because, in addition to the mentoring software, you need to take care of multiple areas. A good mentor platform will allow you to do the following:
Events and Communications
Develop an ongoing communications strategy that helps you build momentum for your programs, and celebrate success with team events.
Monitoring and continuous Improvement
Monitor the program's progress, review the analytics, and use insights to drive ongoing improvements to the program.
Build effective initial communication and launch of the mentorship program that ensures maximum participation across mentors and mentees.
Train participants on mentoring best practices so that they can become better mentors and mentees. MentorCloud has seen more than 3x improvement in mentoring by participants who have been trained vs those who have not been trained.
Design the mentoring program to create the most efficient  structure and journeys for mentors and mentees

Purchasing mentoring software by itself does not solve the problem of rolling out a successful mentoring program. It requires a complete mentoring platform to design, launch, and operate a successful program.

MentorCloud is an automated, end-to-end mentoring platform that provides a complete mentoring solution. In addition to these areas, MentorCloud also brings expertise to your mentoring program

Mentoring is a powerful method to increase employee engagement and build a resilient organization and a Mentoring platform when deployed correctly can help organizations harness the true potential of their people and accelerate business growth. A mentoring platform that integrates multiple capabilities can help your organization succeed and drive transformation at scale.

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Domain experts in HR transformation, People Tech, & Organizational Change Management
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Mentoring domain expertise in working with some of the world's leading brands
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