Starting a mentoring program is easy with MentorCloud.  

With our innovative features and proven implementation process, you can very easily design and launch your mentoring program. You can achieve positive results, fast!


Key Features

Intelligent Matching

Powered by IBM Watson, our algorithm automatically connects your users by using profile information to suggest their best match.

MentorCloud's Spark Realtime Analytics Screen

Realtime Analytics

Realtime analytics track interactions and gauge the health of your program on an easy to read dashboard.

LMS Integration

Integrate with your learning management system or simply add information on the go to engage your users and ensure they are up to date on the latest program information.

MentorCloud Implementation Process

  • Design
  • Launch
  • Track
  • Empower

Your Mentoring Champion and MentorCloud representative will work endlessly to:

  • Inspire your people to embody the values of your organization

  • Educate your people on how to receive maximum value from help

  • Empower your people so their interactions are effective and intentional

  • Engage your people in the program, process, and your organization

  • Support your people through their mentoring journey

  • Reward your people by recognizing their contributions

  • Celebrate the successes of your people in the program

User Testimonials

I feel empowered, and know that there is always someone available to hear me out even if the person is on the other side of the globe. This has boosted my morale to perform and be a part of this organization rather than working as an employee.

- Mentor, #1 Hospitality Company

As an executive, you are often removed from your other team members and can feel like you are on your own island.  My mentee really made me take a step back and think about how I can bring more positivity and energy to my team even though we aren't together all the time.

- Mentor, International E-commerce Company

The MentorCloud experience has been great:  good pool of mentors to select from. This relationship is really driving me in the right direction.  Thank you for impacting my life and those who are touched by it.

- Mentee, Peer-Peer Professional Association

​I am completely happy with the mentoring relationship with my mentor.  The results are beyond my expectations and the relationship has turned into a business-wise one.  Thank you for this initiative.

- Mentee, Top Business School in Spain

Being a mentor has allowed me to think critically in ways that I haven't yet.  I have had 3 mentees from 3 totally different parts of the country. It truly allowed me to view situations in an entirely unbiased way and give the most genuine advice possible.

- Mentor, Worldwide CEO Association

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