MentorCloud V3.0 Release Notes

Updated on April 01, 2022
1. . Upgraded User Experience
Clean, user-friendly, and intuitive user experience.
2. New Home Page/Dashboard
Cards to guide Mentors, Mentees on what to do next. We also show the latest notification and upcoming events, along with Recommended Mentors, Mentees, or Both based on the Users role. These are not displayed when a User is in a Relationship.
3. Consistent Module Names
Modules have been standardized to: Home, Mentorship, Sessions, Circles,Learn, and Community.
4. Enhanced In-App Notification (bell icon)
Used for all major events: session invitations, mentorshiprequests, etc.
5. Consistent Messaging Infrastructure across the platform
To improve load speed, messages are now in MentorCloud’s messaging module. If a user is in a 1-1 Mentorship, previous messages have been migrated and the previous messaging module has been deprecated. Going forward, when a new relationship starts, a default thread will be created with the name ‘Mentor-Mentee Mentoring Discussion's which can be accessed from the Messages module and within the personal space under 1-1Mentorship.
6. Linking Goals and Tasks within a 1-1 Mentorship
Tasks have been joined to Goals (since in order to achieve goals, the mentee needs to perform certain tasks)
7. Microsoft Teams Integration
We have built a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams (MST). AfterUsers have connected their MentorCloud account with their MST account in the settings screen, in thefuture, every new session creates a new dynamic/unique MST URL for that session.
8. Additional meeting options while creating a Session
We have introduced many options for users to connect when creating a session: MentorCloud Video Platform, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoogleMeet, WhatsApp, Physical Location, Other. Only Microsoft Teams and MentorCloud Video Platform areseamlessly integrated, and create dynamic/unique URLs for each session. Others are static and do not change for each session
9. Reminder to connect the calendar and preferred video conferencing platform
Every time a user clicks to create a new session, the system will check if they have connected their calendar and have set a preferred/default video conferencing platform. They can choose to ignore or click to set these. Once done, they will be back on the session creation screen. Similarly, we check the user’s calendar connection status (but not preferred meeting, since it doesn’t matter for this scenario) when they are accepting a session invitation from another user, and prompt them to connect their calendar.
10. Updated Circles Experience
Circles have been completely redesigned, with options to post insights,announcements, and questions. Also, mentors can schedule fireside chats. Lastly, users will be able tosave posts and filter by activity and other kinds of posts
11. Resources in Learn tied to the Mentoring Topics of the program
- To reduce the number of duplicate tags, resources are now limited to mentoring topics. There is also a catch-all option, ‘General’, to tag mentoring-related or program-related resources.
12. Dedicated Community Section
Each Program has its own community space, which displays the totalnumber of mentors, mentees, and a customizable description of the program. Community is a placewhere everyone can interact with others by asking and answering questions. Users can connect, sharethoughts, and build mentorships.