A MentorCloud & Rare Media Series

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Discover and Share the Wisdom of Everyday Mothers as First Mentors of World’s Everyday Leaders



  • Mother is every human being’s first teacher and mentor.
  • We want to shine light on and celebrate the selfless efforts of mothers, who play a huge role in shaping their children into responsible citizens and valued leaders.
  • We also want to encourage people to Reflect, Realize and Respect the contribution of their elders in their lives, starting with their mothers. 
  • We wish to catalyze a cultural shift when it comes to how we view and respect the elderly from previous generations.



  • What do you love and cherish about your relationship with your Son / Daughter?
  • What were the defining moments in your child’s upbringing that may have had a great influence on their character?
  • What observations made it clear they had a spark that would eventually blossom into
  • Reflections for new Moms, as well as Moms with grown children.
  • Specific leadership qualities Resilience/Persistence Empathy/Compassion
    (and more)



  • The world is going through a significant demographic and cultural shift never before seen in human history.
  • Over 500 Million baby boomers who were instrumental in worldwide economic growth during the post WWII era (since 1945) and created many of the world’s greatest institutions, are either in retirement or will soon be reaching that age.
  • Because of globalization and nuclear family structures Millenials are starting families without the support of elders, including parents and grandparents. This is different compared to the previous generation when families lived together.
  • The Mom Mentor captures the Timeless Wisdom of parents, starting with mothers, and makes it available to a whole new generation of millennial parents.
  • Millennial parents are known to be much more attached to their young children and are strongly motivated to give their best and do their best for their children.
  • The parents and children of today will become the future leaders the world needs to thrive for the next 1000 years.

The MOM MENTOR series will be produced by award-winning film team Rare Media & 

will be available in Fall 2020 for distribution on major outlets.

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