Complement your leadership training with global mentorship

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Give your leaders smart and scalable ways to tap into your organization’s collective human wisdom. Magic happens when content from training programs is readily applied to solve everyday challenges.
Learn how MentorCloud’s intelligent matching can rapidly connect leadership trainees with your senior leaders and experts as mentors to get that business context.

Easily identify and grow your high potentials as future leaders

Mentorship programs help to pick out employees globally who are fully invested in your organization.

1. Identify and grow employees who are actively connecting with mentors and learning.
2. And recognize those employees as mentors who are sharing and growing the skills of their peers. Today, platforms like LinkedIn make it so easy for your best people to be recruited.

Learn how MentorCloud’s engagement tools and mentor/mentee activity maps can ensure you never lose a high-potential employee.
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Increase velocity of knowledge-exchange and remain competitive

Catalyze group mentoring sessions for fast transfer of knowledge from your experts and senior leaders to future leaders.

Let your future leaders also learn from each other with peer mentoring.

Learn how MentorCloud’s circles module and learning resources can create a leadership movement in your organization.
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MentorCloud will help your new employees stay at the company for 3 months longer starting next week, by doing 3 simple things.

Smart matching engine that is customizable to your leadership goals
Your employees are intelligently matched to the right mentor, automatically.
We get on a call to understand your needs
We import your employees profiles and settings

Testimonials/ Success Stories

Tina Fleming profile image
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Since the inception of our mentoring program using the MentorCloud platform, we have steadily grown our mentoring partnerships and this has had an encouraging impact on our organisation.

Tina Fleming
Operations Manager, Educate Plus

Davanh Inthachanh Profile image
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Being a mentor has allowed me to think critically in ways that I haven't. It truly allowed me to view situations in an entirely unbiased way and give the most genuine advice possible.

Davanh Inthachanh
Director, People & Culture, Seven West Media

Angeles Losa profile image
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MentorCloud enables us to achieve our mission to support the career journey of IESE Alumni and students by providing the right tools, resources and guidance to drive their careers. Alumni continue to join the program and interact with each other, sharing support and strengthening bonds.

Angeles Losa
Head, Career Management Center, IESE

Turn new hires into enduring ambassadors of your vision

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