Employee-lifetime-value starts right when you hire.
Start their development at the same time.

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It costs 1-2.5x times the annual salary to replace a good employee (depending on their seniority).
Right mentor connections early on help to boost commitment, and accelerate productivity.

MentorCloud will help your new employees stay at the company for 3 months longer starting next week, by doing 3 simple things.

Your employees are intelligently matched to the right mentor, automatically.
We get on a call to understand your needs
We import your employees profiles and settings

Modernize your onboarding program

MentorCloud makes Onboarding engaging & purposeful for fresh-hires

Your employees are forming new connections that they weren't before.

Today’s employees look beyond a paycheck. They seek meaning and purpose and see how committed are their new leaders to the company’s mission.

Make it so easy for your leaders globally to share their career stories, expertise, and humanness with your new employees.
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“When knowledge flows like water, your people and your organization grow faster”

Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli

Author of ‘The Art of Mentoring’ & CEO of MentorCloud

Build a solid foundation from day 1 to maximize ELV (Employee-Lifetime-Value TM)

Elevate your onboarding program with scalable mentoring technology. Inspire your new employees to build long-lasting relationships and to stay with you.

Let them feel at home in their new home (literally).
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When you humanize onboarding with mentorship, you significantly accelerate the integration of your new employees into your organization’s culture, products, and services.

Learn how Marriott International modernized their onboarding programs with MentorCloud
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Testimonials/ Success Stories

Tina Fleming profile image
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Since the inception of our mentoring program using the MentorCloud platform, we have steadily grown our mentoring partnerships and this has had an encouraging impact on our organisation.

Tina Fleming
Operations Manager, Educate Plus

Davanh Inthachanh Profile image
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Being a mentor has allowed me to think critically in ways that I haven't. It truly allowed me to view situations in an entirely unbiased way and give the most genuine advice possible.

Davanh Inthachanh
Director, People & Culture, Seven West Media

Angeles Losa profile image
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MentorCloud enables us to achieve our mission to support the career journey of IESE Alumni and students by providing the right tools, resources and guidance to drive their careers. Alumni continue to join the program and interact with each other, sharing support and strengthening bonds.

Angeles Losa
Head, Career Management Center, IESE

Turn new hires into enduring ambassadors of your vision

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