MentorCloud Career Lab

In order for participants to have a successful and effective mentoring relationship, it isimportant for both individuals to understand the expectations and parameters of the program. Pleasereview this document with your mentor or mentee and document the expectations and parameters ofyour partnership. The mentor and mentee have the choice of participating in group activities, one onone activities or both.

The mentor commits to supporting the agreed upon program goals; to working to create a useful,honest, and confidential mentoring partnership; and to helping the mentee meet career objectives byaccessing appropriate learning resources and providing personal support.

The mentee commits to making a genuine effort toward reaching agreed upon learning goals and toworking to create a useful, honest, and confidential mentoring partnership.

The partnership should adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. The content of mentoring conversations should remainbetween the mentor and the mentee to the maximum extent appropriate.
  2. Establish whether the mentoring sessions are based on group or one on one activities through mutualagreement in advance. Both parties are accountable for ensuring that meetings occur regularly andrefrain from excessive demands on each other’s time.
  3. A reasonable amount of work time may be devoted to mentoring activities so long as the activitiespromote your professional development and have management approval.
  4. The meetings shall focus on helping the mentee achieve the core goals of the program.

    The mentor and mentee are responsible for regularly assessing progress toward the stated goals,evaluating their process, and offering constructive feedback to each other.
  5. Either party may terminate the relationship. Before terminating the relationship; however, the partiesshall constructively discuss any differences with each other. If the partnership is terminated, the mentorand mentee are each responsible for notifying MentorCloud staff by sending an email to or call 999-999-9999.