4 Points to Consider When Creating a Mentorship Culture for a Positive Upshot

Published on
November 17, 2014

There are a dizzying number of questions, factors, and activities that make up an authentic mentoring program. What exactly is needed to make it successful? How do you cultivate a team willing to engage in regular mentorship? How do you guide individuals and groups through possible drudgeries? Read on to learn more about how to ensure effective mentoring between members of your organization.

  • Work Together for Success

No team can be successful without the coordination of each member. Along the course of a mentorship program, team members must have a clear idea of its purpose and design. The plan must address how mentoring can help the organization achieve its strategic goals and define what learning experiences there will be for mentees.  

Mentors and mentees should always be delighted to regularly catch up over a cup of coffee and conduct orientation workshops. It is best to have frequent, progressive reviews on each mentoring session. These reviews also allow the mentees to improve and log their success.

  • Avoid Shortcuts and Focus on Objective

There is no shortcut to creating a successful mentoring program. It must be well-managed and consider several steps carefully to make it credible and compelling. "Implementing mentorship as a business strategy rather than a warm, feel-good program is the clear path to a successful mentoring program." Always stay focused on your objectives under the support of sound leadership.  

Mentoring programs in companies are usually under the supervision of a program manager, but it's essential to choose that role wisely. The presence of a manager will not guarantee success alone, as a weak manager will lead to underwhelming outcomes. A program manager's role is essential to the plan since they are the ones who promote the mentoring program to potential mentees.

  • Stay Flexible and Honor Each Other

Mentoring teams shouldn't be too stringent on the course; instead, they should be flexible and casual while maintaining respect for each other. "Mentees should try to be as transparent and straightforward as possible with their questions to build an easy and comfortable relationship with their mentor," furthering the chances of a successful mentorship relationship. In turn, the mentor should recognize the mentee's work to build goodwill and trust with the mentee.

  • Do What's Right, In the Right Way, At the Right Time

Successful mentoring requires proper understanding, implementation, and evaluation of the thoughts and needed activities at the right time. During the mentoring program, there should be a regular exchange of feedback between mentors and the mentees. It will teach them to listen and tune their relationship on a conforming rhythm.

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