Balanced Mentoring: A Key to Career Growth and Successful Professional Journey

Published on
March 30, 2015

The workplace is changing. Employees are no longer confined to primary roles without growth opportunities. Today's employees are encouraged to augment their skills with cross-training and delve into other areas and responsibilities. Organizations are getting creative with job titles and duties as they create a versatile workforce capable of performing multiple tasks and wearing different hats.  

In the midst of all of this, employees spend less and less time with a single organization. They're deciding to leave for greener pastures, either because they're not being valued for their potential or because they haven't figured out how to take advantage of the resources available to them. We need to take a moment and think about how we can create a work environment that is both supportive and challenging, and that will serve to keep employees satisfied and engaged throughout their careers.  

One of the best ways to bring balance to the workplace is through mentoring. The importance of mentoring has become apparent in all areas of an organization. The presence of a true mentor will ensure that your employees receive support, encouragement, and guidance. Mentorship serves as a safety net around them, encouraging them to take risks and realize their potential without fear of alienation. Employees grow to trust and confide in their mentors in ways that are not possible with managers or supervisors. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity to voice grievances and concerns, factors that could ultimately lead to an employee's decision to leave a company.

Career Progression through Mentoring

A good mentor can transform an employee's mindset from one of unsatisfied detachment to energetic optimism. At the same time that it creates the environment employees are looking for and motivates them to stay. A successful mentoring program directly contributes to reduced organizational costs through lower attrition rates and hiring fees. Employees are more likely to stick around and use the resources available to work harder and scale up the corporate ladder. To sum it up, a mentor's presence can do the following:

All these factors combined will create a work environment that fosters learning and career progression. Mentors are not just advisors; they are role models with the power to boost morale, infuse confidence, and bolster engagement in their mentees. Motivated employees are much more likely to see the value in the resources available to them, learn new skills, take on new roles, and take pride in their position.  

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