Extended Benefits of Mentoring Aiding in Professional and Personal Growth

Published on
March 5, 2015

Mentorships vary in scope and duration from industry to industry, but something to understand about all mentorships is that they never truly end. The lessons learned and knowledge gained can last a lifetime, and the relationship forged between mentor and mentee remains strong long after the mentorship has run its course.

By its simplest definition, a mentor is a guide. A mentor's contributions guide his or her mentees towards achieving their professional goals and their life goals. Key benefits gained from mentorships, like trusted advice, best practices, and shared networks, continue to resonate and pay forward long into the future.

In addition, being part of a mentorship teaches mentees many valuable life skills, such as the ability to be a team player, the willingness to take on leadership and responsibility, and self-analysis. But the chances are that once your mentorship has ended, you'll no longer be meeting regularly. However, that doesn't mean the benefits have to be complete. It takes continued effort and guidance to solidify and strengthen these habits over time.  

Mentor- Mentee Relation

So, how do you get the most of your mentorship even after it has run its course? After passing the necessary lessons on during the mentorship, the mentor's role is to help his/her mentee stay focused and encourage ongoing development.

Time pressures and other responsibilities can pose a challenge to maintaining mentor/mentee relationships over time. Everyone gets busy, especially the further they advance in their careers and the more responsibility. Scheduling time to meet with or talk to your mentor/mentee must become a priority, even if it's every other month or once every quarter.  

The need to meet often is not as pertinent as when the mentorship program was in full swing, but continuing to meet at least every once in a while, will keep the mentorship fresh and allow both the mentor and mentee to apply those lessons to recent experiences.

Master with Mentorcloud

Are you concerned about losing those relationships? MentorCloud is especially suited for facilitating mentorships over the long term. Its functionality allows mentors and mentees to return to completed mentorships to review notes and messages exchanged. The Messages tab will enable users to continue conversing even after a mentorship has ended. The Dashboard allows mentors and mentees alike to continue to share insights and valuable content.

No matter how you decide to go about it, make a point to maintain your mentorships in the long run. The valuable knowledge exchanged and lessons imparted shouldn't go to waste; instead, their benefits should extend throughout a mentee's professional career and aid them in making beneficial choices and facing daunting challenges. With minimal effort and just the right amount of time, a mentorship can serve as a gift that never stops giving.  

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