Workforce Motivation: Mentoring Workforce to have Balanced Work Culture

Published on
March 9, 2015

Many elements go into starting and running a successful business, but it's no stretch to say that a talented workforce is number one. A company cannot survive without intelligent, dedicated people to run it, so keeping your employees happy and engaged so they'll stick around should be a top priority. Retaining talent is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. In the ever-changing environment of mobility, innovation, and growth that today's business world has become, talented employees are pulled in a hundred different directions, and they choose to leave a company for a hundred various reasons.  

Some common reasons for employee turnover include:

  • The work is not challenging enough.
  • They don't see an opportunity for growth.
  • They have no support from management.
  • They're unhappy with compensation.
  • There's not enough flexibility.
  • They're not valued for their contributions.

Mentoring to Motivate

Figuring out what motivates talented employees to stay with an organization can be difficult, but incorporating a robust mentoring program into the workplace can significantly help with retention. Offering mentorship to employees shows right from the start that you are invested in their development. They'll know that you not only want to see them excel within your company but that you also want to see them succeed in their careers.  

Along with guiding mentees through developing skills and knowledge to enhance their careers, a mentor can help address many of the challenges that often cause employees to leave a company. A mentor becomes a trusted confidante, someone who can brainstorm solutions and offer insight to the employee. Mentors can identify areas of dissatisfaction and help the employee determine what they need to thrive within the organization (and if not, when is the right time to leave).

Often, a mentor can act as a voice for the employee when theirs isn't being heard. Their senior role and years of professional experience give them a level of credibility that isn't always afforded to junior employees. It can be highly reassuring to employees, giving them the confidence to voice their concerns, knowing they won't fall on deaf ears.

Manager’s Role
Managers and especially executive management don't always have the time to invest in employees and ensure they get what they need to motivate them to stay with a company. By hiring mentors to work with their employees, management accomplishes what they don't have the resources to conduct themselves. And by meeting with mentors regularly to track employee progress and discuss primary concerns, they gain insight into their employees that they would otherwise lose.  

Although some employee turnover is unavoidable, making an effort to engage in your employees' career development through mentorship will send the message that you value their abilities and contributions and want them to stay with you for the long haul. Instead of giving your employees a plethora of little reasons to leave, you'll be giving them one powerful reason to stay.  

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