2017 was a year of significant momentum at MENTORCLOUD!

Professional Growth
Published on
December 31, 2017

First of all, thanks to every one of our users, clients, partners, investors, advisors, and most importantly to our colleagues who made 2017 a year of significant growth and accomplishments for MentorCloud. Our mission is to be the catalyst for 100 million insightful conversations between mentors and mentees by 2020. The momentum we saw in 2017 gives us complete confidence to achieve our mission as we launch into 2018.


  • Prestigious organizations like Airbnb, EO Network (a network of over 14,000 CEOs), and Marriott International trusted us to be their mentoring program and solution partner.
  • We launched a new product, ‘MentorCloud Spark,’ to help employees have Intentional and Insightful Mentoring Conversations with senior executives and subject-matter experts, transcending hierarchies, business units, and geographic locations. In short, MentorCloud Spark is the prequel to MentorCloud Enterprise, our flagship offering for building mentoring relationships.
  • We launched MentorCloud Mobile App on iOS and Android platforms, with live chat, live video, audio messaging, screen-sharing, and much more.
  • We published a ground-breaking book ‘The Art of Mentoring: Simple tools & techniques to achieve your full potential with a foreword by Sammy Lee, Chairman of LKK Health Products Group Ltd in Hong Kong and author of ‘The Autopilot Leadership Model.’ Several thousand copies are already in the hands of aspiring mentees and experienced mentors around the world.
  • We launched ‘MentorCloud University’ offering online courses on ‘Being a Good Mentor,’ ‘Being a Good Mentee’ and ‘The Art of Mentoring,’ which are available for purchase, or with a subscription to the MentorCloud platform.
  • We raised Additional Capital from the US and Switzerland-based investors to fuel our growth.
  • We expanded our Advisory Board with highly successful serial entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts, that include, Ron Miller, Harry Clark, Shilpi Narang, and Jason Franzen
  • We have been invited to speak on Mentoring at global conferences in the USA, Switzerland, Guatemala, Malaysia, and India, further establishing our Thought-Leadership and Innovative Thinking.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of growth in 2018 with your continued support.

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