5 Ways You Can Align Millennial Workforce to Your Company's Vision

Workplace Productivity
Published on
July 19, 2018

In today's highly competitive business world, organizations need their millennial workforce to be aligned with their vision statement to help them achieve critical milestones. According to a Harvard Business Review Report, 70% of employees felt that lack of alignment prevented them from contributing to their organizational vision statement. While most organizations manage to find and recruit the best talent and leaders, they often struggle to create a cohesive workforce working towards a common objective.  

Employee alignment is different from employee engagement. Even if an employee is involved in the organization and content with their contributions and responsibilities, it's conceivable that they don't understand how their actions are contributing to the company's strategic goals.  

Their vision statement primarily drives large organizations. A clear vision statement helps individual employees within teams make conscious efforts to meet organizational objectives. Every employee must be aligned with the same aim and direction to meet the goals.  

The following strategies will help organizations align their millennial employees and drive cohesive growth towards their primary vision.

  1. Make vision statement visible

The vision statement must be visible at all levels within an organization and easily relatable to each contributor. Employees must be able to see the vision statement is reflected in every step and action. Leaders play a crucial role in driving the vision statement in the organization. All managers must ensure that the vision statement is strategically and repeatedly conveyed to employees and customers to reinforce that the company is continuously aligned with its vision.

  1. Key performance metrics aligned to the vision

Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) allow employees and managers to set measurable goals to track progress. These KPIs must be related to the vision or overall objective of the business. For example, Zappos is a known brand in the shoe business; a vision statement "to give the best customer service" is well enforced. All employees understand and share this vision. When an employee contributes significantly or delivers excellent results leading to a better customer experience, they are rewarded and recognized. Special recognition must be given to millennial employees when they help achieve goals aligned with its vision. Credit acts as an effective motivational tool.

  1. Share success stories aligned with the vision statement

Achievers' North America Workforce report in 2015 states that 60% of employees were not aware of their company's vision statement. Organizations must set examples of leaders or achievers to convey stories that talk about how an employee or a team could create a positive impact that helped them take a step towards achieving the larger vision. It gives employees a higher sense of purpose for their work than the short-term goals they are expected to accomplish.

  1. Continuous feedback and reinforcement

Millennials appreciate regular feedback, which guides them in aligning with the company's vision. Mentors and managers must understand that feedback must not wait till the year-end performance reviews. Weekly and monthly performance reviews help keep the employees motivated to progress strategically towards the goal that aligns with the company vision.

  1. Access to technology that enables shared goals

An effective way for an organization to ensure that employees are aligned to a shared vision at all levels is by providing access to the right technology, which enables the workforce to carry out their function seamlessly in conjunction with other team members. An example is a document or a tool that helps a team align their task to the team's ultimate goal and reflects its overall objective.  

The critical factor in any business's success lies in the clarity of its vision at all levels within the organization and aligning every contributor's action towards it. By carrying out these necessary steps, mentors and leaders can ensure that millennial employees stay motivated and recognized for their impact on the business's success.  

Success can only be achieved when all employees are on the same page and are aligned to a common goal.

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