7 Reasons to Use Mentoring Software for Your New Hires

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April 7, 2022

A good onboarding process is your first chance to highlight your business' culture while energizing and exciting employees about their decision to join your team.

Once employees have gone through your standard HR processes, met their team, and started on-the-job training, it's time to look for ways to support your new employees beyond the basics of the job, including by providing mentorship opportunities.

But what exactly are the benefits of mentorship programs for new employees and how can mentoring software help get your program off the ground? 

The benefits of mentoring your new employees

While you might think that you should save your mentoring scheme for longer-term employees on a leadership path, mentoring your new starters right from the beginning has many benefits:

1) Your new employees feel valued

If you’re taking the time to set your new hires up with a formal mentoring program as soon as they join your company, they will feel valued. They’ll feel that they and their needs matter right from the moment they walk in the door. They’ll feel that you’re paying attention even to new hires and have a positive view of your company and its values.

2) Your new hires will see that you value employee growth and progression

No company spends time and money on mentoring, especially for new employees, if they don’t want to encourage internal promotions and learning. Your new hires will get the best first impression possible from an excellent onboarding process that immediately prioritizes mentoring opportunities. 

3) Your employees can quickly get acclimatized

It takes some time to catch up and feel part of a team when an employee first joins a new company. With mentoring, you can fast-track that and make your new hires feel welcome from the get-go. That benefits them by quickly feeling a part of something. It benefits you because they’ll get up to speed more quickly and become a valuable member of your team.

4) It’s easier to impart company culture and values

Every company wants to attract the right employees with the right attitude and values. With mentoring, you more quickly pass on those values and instill a sense of your company culture in your new employees. You can also quickly weed out anyone who isn’t the right fit.

5) Better employee retention rates

Start off on the right foot, with excellent onboarding, training, mentoring, and a feeling that this is a place where your employees can grow and advance. With ongoing mentoring available to help your new hires learn, achieve personal goals, and look at promotion, why wouldn’t they want to stay with you? It’s better for them, and it’s better for you.

What is online mentoring software?

Mentoring platform software is specifically designed to create and manage a well-planned and implemented mentoring program. A well-thought-out quality mentoring platform will guide you through setting up your mentorship program and help you run it. You should expect training for your administrators and training for mentors and mentees, so everyone gets the most out of the software.

In addition, mentoring software will provide everything you need to smoothly provide mentorship for your employees. Features should include at minimum, automatic matching, online forums, calendar synchronization, video calls, and incentives to nudge people to progress and succeed.

How mentoring software can play its part in your business success

A quality mentoring platform can add value to your mentorship program and increase employee retention. With the right platform, it’s easy for mentors and mentees alike to take part in a curated mentoring journey that helps them to maintain an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are just some of the benefits of using mentoring software for your new hires:

1) Ease of use

New employees are trying to get used to a whole lot of new information, new people, and even how to find their way around the building. It’s a lot to take in. The last thing they need is difficult software that adds to their mental load.

With a good mentoring platform and the right training, your new hires can easily navigate the platform and make the most of their mentoring experience.

2) Guided progression

Not only will your new employees get help from their mentors, but with a quality software, and the right program design they will also be gently nudged and guided through the program. This helps them progress more quickly, learn better, and become valuable employees in less time.

3) Easy scheduling

It’s easy to forget and miss mentoring appointments. With a professional mentorship platform, new hires can easily keep track of progress and when they have a call or meeting with their mentor.

4) Everything in one place

With one piece of software, your new hires don’t need to learn several programs at once. It’s simple, straightforward, and everything they need, including learning content and training for mentoring is included.

5) Progress tracking

There’s no need to think about what’s next or where they’re up to. Your new hires can see everything they need when they log into their software.

A good mentoring platform will help everyone set their individual learning goals and track them effortlessly. It’s motivating to be able to see how far they’ve come. You can run custom surveys that allow you to see how everyone is tracking toward their goals.

6) Incentivization

Good mentoring software will not only guide participants through the program, it will also allow you to identify most engaged employees and incentive them through rewards.. When participants reach their goals or complete the program, you can reward them. This encourages progress and keeps drop-off rates down.

7) Best practices to encourage participation

Software, such as MentorCloud, comes with setup and help from our professional program design team. We use mentoring best practices, learned over many years, to set up your program. We know how to encourage new starters and existing employees alike to sign up, take part, and enjoy the journey.

With MentorCloud's online mentoring software, you can welcome and motivate new hires at the same time, giving them the best possible start and the highest chance of success within your company.

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