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Leadership Development
Published on
August 11, 2019

What has driven the increased focus on formal mentoring programs?

Today, leadership abilities are considered the most crucial competency for employees by firms. Creating and retaining exceptional leaders is also a challenge for these firms. Unlike traditional training programs that are often expensive and time-consuming and don’t always yield the desired results, mentoring programs have been proven a more cost-efficient and reliable alternative to developing leaders.

Professionals who have benefited from mentoring programs in their careers should take time to pay it forward by becoming mentors themselves. It’s time they make that extra effort to develop today’s talent into tomorrow’s leaders.

All in all, mentoring is a rewarding experience. What’s your take on mentorship? Have you been recently promoted to a leadership position in your organization? Do you feel your leadership style has been ineffective in creating a team or tapping the true potential of your employees? MentorCloud can be your best guide.  

The question of whether leaders are born or made has been hotly debated for decades, evoking extreme opinions. And to those who say a leader worth his salt is a born leader, I consider your notion the greatest delusion ever concocted by man. So, what does it take to be a great leader? What makes or breaks a leader? Does leadership require skills that must be continuously learned and nurtured? How do you develop and retain young leaders in an organization? And the answer to all these questions is Effective Mentorship,’ a proven method to create leaders!

Let’s take a look at history. Some of the most successful and influential people in the world have had mentors. Bill Gates had a mentor in Dr. Ed Roberts. Mining magnate Robert Friedland has been credited for recognizing the spark in Steve Jobs when that latter was in college. World’s wealthiest individual Warren Buffett owes his success to his teacher Benjamin Graham.  

The proof is indisputable. No one is born with the ability to lead. They are developed as a result of expert guidance. Mentoring is a straightforward concept! You continually observe, reflect, and absorb information to improve your professional life when you spend time with someone who has outstanding expertise or experience in a particular sector.

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