An Ethnically Diverse Workforce Results In Employee Productivity. Know How?

Workplace Productivity
Published on
November 30, 2019

Globalization has made it possible for people from many walks of life to enter mainstream organizations. As a result, there is a high level of variety in the workforce, and people from various ethnic and social backgrounds coexist.

When people from various ethnic backgrounds work alongside each other, some unavoidable issues may arise. Some of them include subtle racial profiling, verbal harassment, and groups. Suppose these issues are not addressed at the grassroots level. In that case, they will eventually spiral out of control, leading to the termination of certain employees or the voluntary departure of a helpless employee. As a result, valuable resources are compelled to leave the organization, and finding replacement resources is time-consuming and difficult.

Any company with an ethnically diverse workforce can consider employing a mentor who can break communication barriers and ease all the differences between two individuals. Besides looking into professional matters and assisting in knowledge sharing for executing tasks, a mentor's role is also to enhance interpersonal relationships and satiate the requirements of employees at a humane level. Most of the organizations in the present day employ a diverse workforce and are encouraged from time to time to provide equal employment opportunities for individuals without any bias.  

However, to mitigate problems that arise due to racism, a mentor can conduct group meetings to be made aware of specific rules and regulations. Some of them may include:

  • Creating harmony between various ethnic groups.
  • Enhancing knowledge about the beauty of each culture and encouraging each other to respect that culture.
  • Removing the various communication barriers through regular group activities.
  • Inculcate confidence among employees having language problems to ask for help without hesitation.
  • Encouraging each employee of the organization to share skill sets to form solid professional relationships
  • Imposing strict action in case of any racial profiling.
  • Request each employee to respect one another's preferences and needs/requirements.
  • Removing negativity factor that surrounds the concept of diversity
  • Constantly reinforcing positive attitudes and a spirit of unity.

Along with mentoring, these factors play a crucial role in retaining employees for the long haul and keeping them committed to their work. A mentor certainly has the power to alter negative mindsets and can reinvigorate dwindling unity among employees in a highly diverse workforce.

If you wish to have unity within your organization - MentorCloud is the ideal platform for you. Creating a mentoring environment for a diverse workforce is a crucial step to attain harmony, retain employees in the organization, create a positive atmosphere, mitigate conflicts, and contribute towards better inter-personal relationships. At MentorCloud, we will help you execute your vision.

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