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Published on
March 16, 2020

It is time that you adopt E-mentoring with your forces at work. A small businessman or an entrepreneur is a one-person team when it comes to business development. With or without their small group, the entrepreneurs are constantly under stress and not in one place. The scenario is mostly like this in small organizations as well. How will you teach mentoring in such an environment?

E-mentoring has that scope accessible when physical presence is impossible when there is a group to be mentored, and expert mentoring is possible only under E-mentoring facility. So, what is significant about E-mentoring?

Before that, let us discuss - what is E-mentoring?

E-mentoring is the method of mentoring through telephone, email, or any other non-physical source. It is an excellent mentoring tool in schools, colleges, group mentoring for small-scale companies, and senior management.

The benefits of E-mentoring have made mentors talk about it more and more on the global stage. Some practical ones are below:

  • Not time and place restricted: The primary benefit is that it is independent of the time the mentor and mentee has, or for that matter, don’t have. The place has no connection with E-mentoring as there is software to perform this mentoring, and you need devices to communicate irrespective of where you are.
  • Honesty – The mentor and mentee have space in between them to communicate. So the replies and answers may not be immediate and can be outlined with patience. This encourages honest answers and clarity in views. Also, there is a record of the mentoring process from start to end. This creates an environment of an authentic and honest mentoring relation.
  • Alternate method – E-mentoring is primarily an ‘alternate’ way to mentor when you have distance, place, and time barriers. This is indeed a productive alternate mentoring method.
  • Flexibility – E-mentoring has the advantage of adding more mentees and mentors, changing the mentoring environment as per different strategies, adopting great software for a realistic mentoring experience, and having a constant sense of having a mentor with you through phone or email mentoring.

With all these benefits, you can perform or participate in E-mentoring in 3 ways. The first one is only online communication, the second is online mentoring with added options of emails, telephone calls, or virtual meetings, and lastly, face-to-face mentoring with online communication added as an alternate.  

But the question is how to perform this form of mentoring with diverse groups and a dynamic environment?

E-mentoring needs expert mentoring resources. You need the right set of people with knowledge of E-mentoring tools to set up the process within your organization or for yourself. At MentorCloud, we are constantly evolving, looking for mentoring ideas and new methods to enrich the quality of mentoring relations. Create and sustain your mentoring community within the ever-occupied life with E-mentoring. To do that, get in touch with MentorCloud experts.

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