Here Is How Mentoring Becomes An Innovative Approach To Boost Your Business

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August 11, 2019

Business startups often face a plethora of challenges in their day-to-day affairs. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for simple strategies and methods to boost their businesses. One of the obvious misses in any startup is the hiring of a mentor. Mentors are considered one of the integral tools to a company as they can enhance career growth and the personal development of employees.

Attrition rates are standard in both large and small companies. However, an organization may not be able to curb this trend as these things happen sporadically. Employees, through the course of their careers, are also prone to numerous challenges. Most employees leave an organization because they do not receive the right motivation, support, or appreciation. They may feel that their efforts are not being recognized. Even if an employee is a good performer with satisfactory monetary compensation, they might feel down in the dumps.

One of the simplest ways to deal with this is through mentoring. A mentor is someone who provides direction, support, and motivation from time to time. For an employee who is barely hanging in, with painful thoughts on exiting the organization, a mentor will be someone who can push them forward to establish a career goal and move forward. Mentors and mentees share a professional and confidential relationship with their mentees and this can lend confidence to employees to confide with their mentors regarding any problems they are facing.

Not only will this ease their mental burden, but it will also help them sort out issues at the workplace and make them reconsider their thoughts on exiting the organization.

Secondly, mentors act as a bridge between various departments in the organization. Mentors adapt effective communication strategies wherein they can communicate important issues to people without offending them and maintain the confidentiality of their mentees at the same time. Therefore, the mentee or the employee acknowledges a support structure at the organization, making them feel secure and understood.

Thirdly, knowledge transfer and developing essential skills are vital in any organization. In such situations, mentors help mentees acquire knowledge without having any second thoughts. It suffices to say that mentors are indeed a valuable investment to the organization and can tackle several problems at the grass-root level. Considering the amount spent on hiring costs and talent acquisition, a mentor can enhance both these factors and more.

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