TiE Mentoring Success Metrics

Published on
May 30, 2013

TiEcon“The World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs” was held 17-18 May 2013 in the Silicon Valley, California.MentorCloudpowered theTiE Silicon ValleyMentorConnect program presented as part of TiEcon. MentorConnect has several elements, including a web-based platform (MentorCloud) and a series of speed mentoring events called Open Mentoring Sessions. Two such sessions were held recently, one in December 2012 at the TiE Silicon Valley headquarters,then a much larger two-day event presented at TiEcon in May 2013.The combination of MentorCloud's web-based platform, reinforced by regular in-person group meetings, is powerful and effective - promoting growth in both community engagement and satisfaction. TiE SV MentorConnect uses this combined structure for communication. There has been strong improvement in positive feedback from all participants, detailed below. MentorCloud is proud to support the TiE program!December 2012 Metrics:

  • 82% of Mentees rated the event as "Highly Recommended or "Recommended"
  • 90% said that the event "exceeded" their expectations
  • 95% said they would recommend a similar session to their friends

May 2013 Metrics from TiEcon:Responses from 138 of the 185 Mentees:

  • 98% of Mentees were satisfied with their MentorConnect experience. (64% awarded the highest possible rating of 7) - see pie diagram below
  • 96% said they would recommend a similar session to others.  (70% awarded the highest possible rating of 7)
  • 92% said they would like to continue conversations online after the TiEcon program
TiE 2013 Mentee Satisfaction Rates

1=Strongly Disagree4=Neutral7=Strongly AgreeResponses from 30 of the 49 Mentors:

  • 93% of Mentors were satisfied with their MentorConnect experience. (80% awarded the highest possible rating of 7) - see pie diagram below
  • 97% said they would recommend a similar session to other Mentors. (83% awarded the highest possible rating of 7)
  • 97% felt that their time was well spent
  • 93% felt that the Mentees were well prepared and asked excellent questions
TiE 2013 Mentor Satisfaction Rates

1=Strongly Disagree4=Neutral7=Strongly AgreeSelected Mentee quotes collected at TiEcon 2013:

  • "There is no other place where you can get access to this kind of expertise and mentorship."
  • "The #1 reason to attend TiEcon."
  • "The MentorConnect Progam is a clear demonstration of TiE's commitment to entrepreneurs and building future leaders."
  • "This is for everyone."

Selected Mentor quotes collected at TiEcon 2013:

  • "Awesome."
  • "Entrepreneurs should always reach out to successful entrepreneurs."
  • "I learned more than the mentees!"
  • "Excellent structure of organization of mentor and mentee interaction."

For more on this topic, see "Combining In-Person Meetings with Web-Based Mentoring".


Images Copyright 2013 by Katy Dickinson

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