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Women leadership
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March 8, 2021

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global celebration of women's social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments. The day also serves as a call to action to accelerate women's rights. Over a million citizens backed the first IWD, which was granted in 1911. Today, IWD applies to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds all over the world.  

It is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about women's rights and ensure workplace equality for women. On this day, organizations participate in a variety of engaging events related to the yearly IWD theme. Many organizations recognize and reward women at work for their achievements.  

Organizations worldwide are implementing new policies and procedures to make the workplace more welcoming to women. Gender diversity in the workplace is a radical idea that will allow women to be in positions where they are not otherwise welcome.  

Women participation in the workplace  

The social and political situation is different in every country, and according to the changing circumstances, women at these places go through varying levels of difficulties. Changes are initiated to make a better living space for women across the globe with government bodies and other private and public participation agencies.  

As a result of effective governmental intervention, the participation of women has increased in all the mainstream jobs since the last decade, yet the ratio is still significantly less. Whereas studies say that workplaces with more women participation tend to outperform others, such organizations also make decisions. So, what is pulling women backward?  

In most parts of the world, a woman is expected to nurture the family and look after household chores. It took centuries for women to break the age-old societal conditioning towards them. Gradually, they have started taking part in various fields.  

Currently, we have world-renowned females in various fields like politics, science, education, art, and business. It is good to see women achieving specific goals and earn new positions that were unachievable for them in the past.  

Now, let us talk about the leadership quality of men and women across verticals.  

Women in leadership

A woman and man's perspectives towards their work are poles apart, not generalizing, though; most men tend to see their work from a financial point of view, while women take a holistic approach. For a woman, her work and career are a reflection of herself. She looks at her achievements and hurdles with much care, and they are natural multitaskers, which is a unique quality one must possess to become a leader.  

Ironically, in conservative and liberal societies, women's role in authority, power, and leadership is much less than ideal. However, with changing times and trends in the workforce, this is also changing. More and more women are cracking the glass ceiling to lead. Women CEOs and Women-led governments were topping the news headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic to tackle the situation well and taking up solid decisions to save their organization and their people from the deadly virus.  

Mentoring Activities  

Researchers suggest that mentoring is an effective method to overcome blocks and hurdles a woman experiences when leading a team or an organization. An efficient and well-organized mentoring session with an experienced mentor is the righteous thing one can opt-in such times.  

Let us see how mentoring works for leadership aspirants.

  • Mentorship helps strengthen the individual within the organizational community.  
  • Mentoring provides confidence and assurance that they are certainly not alone in their questions, doubts, and perspectives.  
  • Mentoring widens their understanding of leadership roles.  
  • It trains a mentee to make crucial business decisions once they become a leader.  

MentorCloud and initiatives of equal opportunities

MentorCloud is a mission with a company behind it. Our mission is to transform the lives and careers of 100 million people by connecting them with the right mentors and catalyzing the right kind of conversations since inception. Initially, we had a common platform for all despite gender, but then we understood the need for more female mentors to guide young and enthusiastic women. That is the story behind the birth of the WE Platform by Mentor Cloud.  

The WE platform, powered by Mentor Cloud's proprietary technology, offers mentors, curated content, e-learning, peer community, and events to help women entrepreneurs running early-stage companies with the well-rounded support and encouragement they need to grow their businesses successfully.  

We aim to facilitate the best mentoring platform for women through this initiative, led by the most successful & knowledgeable mentors across various sectors. To ensure this, WE bring together successful entrepreneurs as Mentors and early-stage women entrepreneurs as Mentees. Their collaboration will help shape empowered women as leaders of different verticals.  

If you are a woman in a leadership position, let yourself be recognized. Spread the word to both your bosses and teams that you are willing to spend your time mentoring some women interested in getting a soundboard. If you want a more structured framework, collaborate with the human resources team to establish an in-house mentoring program with the help of a professional mentoring platform.

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