Mentoring Helps To Overcome Obstacles At Organizational Level. Know How ?

Published on
September 20, 2014

One example of the fabulous soirees at NAWBO's WBC2014: music, drinks, and canal ride at the "Night on the Canal" at the Eitelborg MuseumAt the reception: MentorCloud is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of NAWBO!

MentorCloud is honored to attend NAWBO's Women Business Conference 2014 and speak alongside BizWomen editor Mary Johnson, JP Morgan Chase Executive Vice President Maria Quintana, and independent consultant. Dee Elliott on an exciting panel about "The Power of Mentoring." As gold sponsors, we are proud to support the advancement of women business owners and fuel the collaboration necessary to unlock this talented group's potential truly.

We have seen around the conference: posters for our "Power of Mentoring" panel. The response we've received both during and after the meeting has been overwhelming. The NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) network is full of movers and shakers, keen to keep their organizations current with cutting-edge technology solutions and a collaborative model for success. We've had fantastic feedback about our MentorCloud platform, including "this is what NAWBO has needed for years" and "MentorCloud is truly going to change the world." We agree, and we couldn't be happier to have been able to share our vision and technology with a group so passionate about making an actionable change now. MentorCloud is more than a company - it's an opportunity to level the playing field and provide ambitious individuals a chance to succeed with the resources they need. This solution is something that rings quite true to women, in particular, especially this group who've overcome such obstacles to accomplish so much. Three-time gold medalist in the para-Olympics, Muffy Davis, with CEO Ravi Gundlapalli and Marketing Analyst Vidya Kaipa, saw around the conference: NAWBO members have access to the massive MentorCloud network!

There's something unique about NAWBO. In its 39th year, the powerful organization has brought together a core group of such motivated, ambitious, and accomplished women and created an atmosphere in which everyone genuinely roots for the other women's success. In doing so, and with an incredible level of hospitality that our Indianapolis hosts should be proud of, I was inspired and awed by the amount of work this community has done to break through the glass ceiling and support one another in pushing past typical gender obstacles. In a lesson about endurance and perseverance, we also heard from Para-Olympic gold medalist Muffy Davis, who shared her story of overcoming her paralysis to continue engaging in her love for competitive sports. Stories like these encapsulate the NAWBO spirit: determination, vision, and compassion, a winning combination that will bring us as a community into a better world.

CEO Ravi Gundlapalli was talking to interested NAWBO members about MentorCloud Oh and the food! And the drinks! And the soirees! We must give NAWBO Indianapolis the credit they deserve for hosting a world-class conference designed so beautifully with not a single detail missing. We now consider this conference the gold standard, and we're excited to see what insight next year's WBC in San Antonio will hold. If you're interested in learning more about the WBC2014, please follow this link. Thank you, NAWBO, and we look forward to working with you more in the coming months! Rachael Bender, Chair of the President's Assembly, CEO Ravi Gundlapalli, and Marketing Analyst Vidya KaipaSeen around the conference: Learn more about MentorCloud!

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