Privacy Policy: Please Find The GDPR Notice To Our European Customers

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May 25, 2018

At MentorCloud, Inc. (“MentorCloud”), the privacy and security of our users’ data is our highest priority. On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) will affect. The GDPR unifies several existing privacy and security laws under one comprehensive law, which will apply across the European Union. The GDPR aims to strengthen and expand data privacy protections for citizens of the EU and provide them with greater control over how their data is collected, accessed, shared, and used.

Given that MentorCloud engages with users in the European Union, we have been working hard to comply with these new regulations before May 25, 2018. We are committed to providing our users with the best and most secure experience possible and ensuring they trust us to handle their data. We are working with an American Law Firm and a European Law Firm. They are helping us revise our privacy and security procedures and policies to fully comply with GDPR, which we are in the process of implementing.  

Check out our current Privacy Policy here, and please read it carefully. It tells you in some detail what we need from you, how we use such information, how we store such information, and whom we give such information to help us provide our Services to you. We are also in the process of filing for self-certification to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield (collectively, “Privacy Shield”) certification with the United States Department of Commerce (“DOC”).  

According to the EU, this shows adequate protection and safeguards for transporting your Data outside of Europe for processing. Once the DOC has granted this certification, we will let you know by updating our Privacy Policy, putting up a Privacy Notice on our website, and informing you via email.  

Notwithstanding, we currently keep your Personal Data in a very secure manner and restrict who has access to it. We need your Personal Data to provide services to you and give you access to our Platform and give us your Personal Data when you register for our Platform, download our mobile app, or use or buy our products Services. We will notify you as soon as possible but no later than 72 hours if we determine that our systems have been hacked and your Personal Data disclosed due to such hacking or any other unauthorized breach of your systems and databases.

If you want to cancel your registration at any time, all you need to do is to access our Platform or call us at +1 (605) 956- 2199 and tell us you want us to cancel the registration, and we will do so. If you want to know what personal data we have on you, again, access our Platform or call us at +1 (605) 956- 2199 and ask us for such information and provide it to you. If you want us to delete such information from our Platform and other databases, ask us to do so.  

We will delete such information as soon as we no longer need such information, for example, to invoice you for our Services and Products. We will not keep such information beyond the time that we need it. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and security policies, please email us at or call us on +1 (605) 956- 2199, and we will be happy to discuss them with you. To facilitate this, we have appointed a privacy officer, who can be reached at the above email and phone number.  

We will keep you apprised of the changes to our privacy and security policies, and if you have any questions about this GDPR Notice, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (605) 956- 2199

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