Should Entrepreneurs Choose A Mentor Outside Of Their Field? Read More.

Mentoring Best Practices
Published on
June 21, 2019

The process of choosing the right mentor who is most suitable, keeping your needs and goals in mind, is as essential as the mentoring itself. If you do not have the right mentor, you won't have a very enriching mentoring experience.

One of the first questions that arise is: should my mentor be from my field/industry or another field/industry? While choosing a mentor from your field may seem like the better choice, sometimes, going for someone who specializes in a domain outside your area can be pretty insightful. Factors such as what kind of mentoring relationship you are looking for and the skills and qualities you wish to develop then come into play.  

Below, we outline what you should consider before choosing a mentor outside your field. The points we discuss will help you determine if, as an entrepreneur, choosing a mentor outside of your domain is the most advantageous.

  • What kind of mentor-mentee relationship should you look for?

The kind of mentor-mentee relationship you are looking for plays a huge role in deciding whether or not your mentor should be from outside your field. A mentor from outside your area may be a good fit if you want a long-term relationship with someone. Since they are from different backgrounds, they have enough experience and knowledge to help you plan your future and guide major professional decisions. It is because such a mentor will give you unbiased advice from a third-party point of view.  

However, if you need a mentor for day-to-day projects, you will need someone who understands the projects you are working on and how things work.  

  • Which skills and qualities do you want to learn from your mentor?

Do you want to develop valuable life skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, networking skills, self-awareness, discipline, and work ethics? If so, then going for a mentor from outside your industry may be an intelligent choice for you. A good mentor is someone who should inspire you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Often, someone who comes from outside your comfort zone is excellent at doing precisely this and forcing you to be better and bolder.

  • Which stage of your career are you currently in?

Depending on which stage of your career you're currently in, you can choose a mentor that would suit your needs. If you are a fresher in the industry, then someone in the same industry may be ideal for you as a mentor. This person will guide and train you as required, help you figure out the best way to run your business, and assist you with adapting to the industry in general.  

If you have experience and are in your mid-career or at a management level, then someone who is your peer from another industry and understands the basics of your everyday problems may make a great mentor. A professional working outside your field should qualify as a great mentor because they develop their field's expertise in you. It helps to widen your horizons and see things from a new perspective.  

It is essential to consider just how important a mentor's role plays in your life before deciding about them. Whether or not you make the proper considerations can make or break your career.

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