The Invisible Power Exchange With Your Past

Change Management
Published on
December 4, 2020

The past

Life is all connected at various levels. A person's atmosphere or habitat is predefined much before he enters this world. In simple words, our parents are the ones who make it for us. Our infanthood, childhood, and schooling are three significant levels of our lives where we learn basic things that affect our lives. Let us discuss the Invisible Power from our past, which will eventually influence our future.

We all tend to make many mistakes in making the decision and finding the right path.

Parents are our first mentors; they are the one who encourages us to try out new things right from our childhood by understanding our capabilities. This continuous practice shapes us and prepares us for the future. We learn new things from our experiences, and experiences comprise f both failures and successes. We all tend to make many mistakes in making the decision and finding the right path.

The inevitable power exchange

Our past shapes the person that we are today for good and the not-so-good also and how we interpret our past experiences shapes how we approach life, both consciously and subconsciously. In the process of learning and getting ready for the life ahead, we all meet failure in many ways. Rather than seeing it as a wrong thing, we must see it as a learning opportunity given by our life. Each time we fail in something or the other, it strengthens us to proceed further and shape ourselves for the better to come.

The present

What we feed our bodies and minds during young age is the deciding factor of who we are becoming, and an invisible power exchange is happening between an individual and his past. If you want to know what happens to this inevitable power, there are two possibilities. Either your past takes your strength and energy that you have reserved for your future, or your past grants you enough strength and ability to leverage into your future.

The power

The term power has a very different meaning in this context; here, the word power stands for the worldview one has obtained through the years. Individuals develop worldviews through the people they mingle with, the books they read, the socio-political situation of the place they grow up, and their upbringing. With a different perspective, we can change the impact of every scenario.

Let us take a few examples to analyze this.

Did you experience a loss, OR did you learn from an experiment?
Did somebody take advantage of you, or was one of your blind spots got revealed to you?
Did you engage in a thankless job, OR did you get better at a skill that will help you in the future?

Having a positive attitude toward everything around you requires a broader worldview, which will happen only through constant observation, learning, and exercise in self-development.

Thomas Edison's world-famous quote is a perfect example of perspective toward life events. "I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don't work." Similarly, a successful person will be the one who has not repeated any of his mistakes.

Future self and past experiences

We are human, and hence we cannot predict the future or preplan events according to our calculations, and experts say that it is not impossible. Through nurturing an individual with a good attitude and thoughts, we can positively influence one's future. Yesterday's idea is tomorrow's action! So, let us ingrain our younger generation with positive reviews and attitude towards life for a prosperous lot.

Positive attitude and future

Life will always keep uncertain incidents ready for us all, not get affected by these incidents, and learn and grow for a better future. All that we require is a positive attitude towards everything around you. Let us all practice a new way of life by taking the good from any given crucial situation and finding an opportunity rather than finding a problem; this can be a success mantra despite being who you are or what you do.

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