Tips for Mentees to Make the Most Out of Mentorships Programs

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November 27, 2020

10 Tips for Mentees to Make the Most Out of Mentorships Programs

It is a well-established fact that mentorship program benefits many. Of course, people can find books which can help them learn and advance their careers. But there is little doubt about the benefits of mentorship programs.

Mentoring help people build a relationship, learn new skills, and further their careers, but it takes a tremendous amount of work on mentees in hindsight. Here are ten tips for mentees to derive the most benefit from mentorship programs.

  1. Communicate expectations clearly

A mentorship program is an investment of time from both sides. It takes homework on the part of the mentees to make it successful. Mentees must make a list of expectations beforehand and communicate it with their mentors. This will help both mentors and mentees come to the point quickly and be prepared for meetings.

  1. Chalk out a plan

Setting a plan with the mentor using the list of expectations will help decide how much time mentors should allot for their mentees and make sure that expectations are met. A clear plan will help mentees achieve their goals efficiently, saving time for both parties.

  1. Express Curiosity

Curiosity kills the cat, but not a well chalked out mentorship program. When mentees are curious, it serves them well as the mentorship programs are focused on mentees. Being curious will convince mentors that mentees are here to learn, improve, and grow.

Asking questions can trigger thought-provoking debates over issues mentees feel passionate about. The quality of questions determines how beneficial mentorship programs can be. Mentees can make sure that they ask questions that encourage relevant and in-depth conversations.

  1. Show commitment and respect

Mentor-mentee relationships can be either short-term or long-term. Mentees must be prepared and seek mentors to be committed to for the long-term. Commitment is showcased when mentees be on time for meetings and make enough preparations.

They also must be committed to dedicating time to learn and practice new skills. The more commitment they show towards the relationship and the learning, the more benefits they will derive from it.

While commitment and proactivity are good, mentees must also be respectful of their mentor’s time and commitments. If the mentor is making himself/herself available on emails or phone calls, mentees must avoid contacting their mentor multiple times. It will help the mentees prepare a list of items to discuss before getting on a call.

  1. Disagree, when you must

Although mentees must respect their mentors’ opinions, they need not agree with everything their mentors say or take every piece of advice. If they disagree with something, they must not be afraid to voice their opinion.

When mentees voice their opinion, it could lead to meaningful discussions and lead to new opportunities. To add to this, mentors respect mentees with opinion and passion for a subject.

  1. Be proactive

Mentors are attracted to proactive and curious people. So, mentees must be proactive and take responsibility for scheduling calls and prepare for meetings. Moreover, mentees must be on top of everything, including task updates and going-on in their organization, to avoid confusion and embarrassment.

  1. Underpromise, but overdeliver

A mentee’s ability to complete tasks on time highlights their competence and potential to mentors. For that to happen, mentees must commit to the time they can keep up. For instance, if mentees want their mentors to review their work they are currently working on, they can promise to send it within two weeks.

Still, they must complete it and submit it before schedule, which is a signal to mentors of their mentee’s discipline and commitment. On the other hand, mentors get extra time to review their mentees’ work.

  1. Be open to feedback

Mentors are there to help their mentees, period. A closed mind will hinder the relationship and progress. Whether mentees share their work for review or want to know where they must improve, they must ask for honest feedback.

It will help if the mentees can ask specific questions and get honest feedback on a topic. Moreover, mentees must be receptive and open to feedback and criticism to be successful.

  1. Take action

With all the feedback and learning, they must put their skills to work and produce a better output. If a mentor has asked to write a document, the mentee must have a framework for the article and the draft ready, and they make sure that they complete it before the scheduled submission time.

  1. Keep in touch with mentors

Mentorship does not end with the end of the commitment date. Learning is lifelong. So is a mentorship program. Keeping in touch with mentors through emails will help you get the best possible results. Asking further advice will show your commitment and consistency in your performance.

Mentors open doors that mentees must walk through, learn new things, and put their learnings into practice. The more work mentees put in the relationship, the more benefit they get.

If you have any mentee story, let us know. For more information about starting mentorship programs in your organization, contact Mentorcloud.

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