10 Quick Questions You Should Ask Your Mentor to Have Wonderful Mentoring Experience

Published on
October 20, 2014

Every entrepreneur needs mentors to be successful. But business mentors are very occupied, so it's always imperative to figure out how to make the best use of their limited time and gain maximum from their experience. Be proactive in understanding how they can help and maintain a beneficial relationship with them. However, to access a mentor's wisdom, you must know the right questions to ask, but you should understand why you need to connect/ask them.

The Blog will help you understand the what and why. Stay Tuned.

Why do You Need to Connect with a Mentor?

There is no such thing as an island for a professional. Having a mentor does not imply that you "need assistance." It simply means that you are a human being who recognizes that you may grow and learn from the hard work of others. Having a mentor comes with a slew of unique perks and advantages. It can help you advance in your profession, improve your abilities, and strengthen your connections. It enables you to make better choices.

Your bond with your mentor, on the other hand, is similar to any other relationship. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it. You won't avail yourself as much as you could if you slack on the kinship and don't prepare for your rendezvous together. However, if you are mindful of the season you spend with your mentor, you may learn a lot.

To attain the pinnacle out of your mentor's experience, prepare yourself for what's.  

What Should You Ask Your Mentor?

1. How does s/he spend time outside of work?  

Try engaging more with your mentor and understanding him/her well, as it helps gather insights into the interests and tastes of your mentor.

2. How would s/he respond to a current dilemma?  

Remember that mentors have been mentees themselves, so they likely have had valuable advice passed on and are more than willing to do the same for you.  

3. How can you help them?

Never assume that only the mentor should help the mentee; even the mentee can provide insight into the mentor's behavior. Be confident and ask if you can help your mentor in any way possible.

4. What constructive criticism can s/he provide you?

Give some space for your mentor to give feedback on your work performance at the beginning of your relationship because feedback is vital for improvement and development.

5. Why did s/he decide to work with you?

Ask why your mentor accepted you, but also be sure to answer the same question if asked by the mentor, as it will enrich the bonding between the two of you.

6. What mistakes have s/he made, either professional or personal? Everyone in the world makes mistakes, so don't hesitate to ask your mentor about the mistakes s/he has committed (but be sure to learn the subsequent lesson as well).

7. How does s/he overcome failure?  

Try to understand his/her perspective of failure because failure is inevitable, especially in the business world. Learning how to accommodate for defeat or failure in life and see the positive side can save weeks or even years of your stress.  

8. How does your mentor consider her/himself unique?

Everyone has a different story to tell, so try to determine whether your mentor is carrying that unique characteristic, quality, or history.  

9. What was his/her proudest moment?

Everyone is happy when speaking of his/her achievements. Give a chance to your mentor to be gratified and ask about his/her most cherished moments.

10. What can you do better?

Finally, when you earn the trust and confidence of your mentor, ask him/her how you can improve because personal development is a constantly iterative process.

At the end of your mentoring session, thank your mentor for the valuable time spent with you. Ask yourself what you learned from the session and decide together when you can have the next mentoring session. Always link the next mentoring session with the previous one, and let your mentor know how much progress you've made since.

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