How Mentor Insights Can Bring Out The Best In You

Mentoring Best Practices
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February 12, 2021

Most people start with an idea and think that they can single-handedly accomplish tasks. They may follow everything successful people do, such as vision boards, perfect planning, affirmations, reading the books written by successful people, etc.  

However, they may not realize that it is always good to get a second opinion. While some may not know that they even need a second opinion, others may not know where to look or ask for a second opinion. Either way, this is where mentors come in. Mentors can help people learn how to navigate through challenges and guide you to success and happiness in life.  

Yes, the turning point is when you realize the impact of mentoring on what you want to do and how much enjoyment you get out of life. Study and connect with successful people, try to learn from them, and engage a mentor so that you can develop a 1:1 relationship, thereby enhancing your potential.

The Impact of Mentors

The value of a mentor is priceless. Good mentors share with their mentee's professional knowledge and expertise in their chosen field.

Once you find a mentor, you get to experience what it is like to have someone who believes in your idea, ability, and solution and guides you towards your goal. You will comprehend the value of a mentor then.

The impact of mentoring is that it examines your beliefs and values, provides a shared learning experience, identifies options for achieving your goals, and raises awareness of flaws and inadequacies. It lets you dream bigger and value yourself more. With a mentor, you can drastically improve your skills, channel your efforts, and enjoy your work.

A mentor helps you think bigger and teaches you to shift your business model and do things differently. They will change the whole idea of what you do, what you can do, and how you work. With mentoring, you can do what you want to do, and you enjoy it and grow.

Mentors will:  

  • Help discover insights, abilities, and solutions  
  • Listen to ideas and answer questions
  • Give emotional support
  • Provide real-world business advice.
  • Support learning
  • Help in critical decision-making

Benefits of Having Mentors

The mentorship benefits are unique to each mentor/mentee arrangement based on your business and your relationship. However, the benefits of mentorship are not just confined to the mentee's self-development or success. It goes way beyond that and helps you achieve personal, career, and mental development that you can only imagine.

· Personal development:

Increased confidence, higher self-awareness, exposure to new ways of thinking, and giving and receiving feedback

· Career development:

Promotions, job satisfaction, and personal network

· Mental development:

Supporting isolation, self-confidence, and lower levels of anxiety

How to Bring Out the Best

Several studies have found several positive outcomes for mentees that could improve their lives in so many ways. But, to be honest, mentees are not the only ones who win. Here are some tips that will help you do your part to develop a mutually satisfying and beneficial mentee-mentor relationship, which will help you bring out the best in you:

· Be Committed

According to a 2002 study about youth mentoring published in the American Journal of Community Psychology, the longer a mentee-mentor relationship, the stronger the benefits.

Mentee-mentor relationships that last less than three months will only do more harm than any good, while those lasting less than six months will have no positive impact. Even though it can vary depending on the mentee's goals, 12 to 18 months is a reasonable length of time that could only bring out the best in you.

· Meet Regularly

Mentoring functions at its best when there is ongoing, regular contact. The frequency of interaction positively correlated to mentees' perceptions of support and relationship quality. These regular check-ins will help you notice if it is necessary to make mid-course adjustments.

· Find the Right Fit

Make no mistake in finding the right mentor for you. Focus on what that person has to offer you when you choose the mentor. Don't mistake picking someone just because they are like you or because it's convenient. Also, avoid choosing someone who supervises you at work, which tends to be less successful, resulting in jealousy among peers.

· Ask Questions and Listen Well

Never hesitate to get your doubts clarified. Ask the right questions (even if they are silly), and then listen well when you get the answer. However, you don't have to follow in your mentor's footsteps always, as you can make the right decision after listening closely to their answers. Ask the right questions, listen well, and take your decisions.

With the right mentor, you can achieve your goals. Find a mentor you trust, have regular conversations with, ask the right questions, listen carefully, and commit fully to the process. So, if you don't have a mentor yet, check with your HR for mentoring programs in your organization.

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