Make 2018 the year for Insightful Conversations!

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January 2, 2018

Wish you a very happy and successful 2018! January is just another month for the Sun who keeps shining, but for the rest of us on this beautiful planet, January of a new year is a time to reflect, Celebrate andAspire.

  • Reflect on what worked well in 2017 and what didn’t. Any experience is valuable only if you take the time to reflect.
  • Celebrate new accomplishments, relationships, and learnings from 2017.
  • Aspire for more happiness, work-life balance, success, and growth in 2018.

Here are our Reflections, Celebrations, and Aspirations. Upon reading our story, I do hope that you will do the same for your life and work. It will surely bring a smile :-) on your face because that is exactly what happened to us.

Our Reflections: We focused on facilitating Insightful Conversations in organizations, between people that have the expertise and willingness to share, and others that have the aspiration to learn and grow, transcending hierarchies, business units, and geographic locations. We have seen great Mentoring Relationships evolve from such Insightful Conversations, so we launched a new solution ‘MentorCloud Spark,’ as a prequel to MentorCloud Enterprise,’ our flagship offering. Spark is helping companies significantly increase the number of Intentional Conversations among their employees. The feedback from our clients has been very positive with senior executives and aspiring employees both finding immense value almost immediately at the end of every conversation. Talk to us if employee engagement, employee productivity, and employee learning are top of mind for you this year. Our Celebrations: We found many reasons to celebrate:

  • Signed up prestigious new clients
  • Launched ‘MentorCloud Spark’ and a Mobile App with live chat and video
  • Raised additional capital
  • Spoken at more international conferences (USA, Switzerland, Guatemala, Malaysia and India)
  • Added Ron Miller, Harry Clark, Shilpi Narang, Jason Franzen to our Advisory Board.

We remain more committed to our vision than ever before: To facilitate 100 million insightful conversations between mentors and mentees, by 2020. I am also personally excited to have published the book ‘The Art of Mentoring: Simple tools & techniques to achieve your full potential. ’Several thousand copies are already in the hands of aspiring mentees and experienced mentors, around the world. Our Aspirations: We aspire for the privilege to work with more leading organizations who want to change the way their employees/members connect, engage and learn from one another. Not sure if we told you this before - the Cloud in our name refers to the real Cloud. Just like the Cloud picks up fresh water from one region and showers as rain in another region, MentorCloud Spark and Enterprise platforms are designed to help organizations efficiently move wisdom and expertise across their organizational ecosystem. Feel free to share your Reflections, Celebrations, and Aspirations. Finally, some photos to add color to 2017. The Art of Mentoring book in the hands of amazing people. The last photo is what made my Day!

With Sammy Lee, Chairman of LKK Health Products Group Ltd & Author of 'The Autopilot Leadership Model'. Sammy Lee wrote the Foreword for my book, am truly honored.

Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra, India. Blessed to be giving one of the first five copies to him at Delivering Change Forum 2017 conference in Mumbai, India.

My super-awesome classmates from my undergraduate college, Indian Institute of Madras, Chennai, India: Sesha Grama, VR Vasudevan, Murali Koteshwar.

My Guru Brahmasri Dr. Saamavedam Shanmukha Sarma, a world-renowned scholar on Indian Epics, Upanishads and Spiritual Texts.

Bart Steiner and Harry Clark, very successful serial entrepreneurs and longtime YPO members.

Preity Zinta, Indian Film Actress - A touch of Bollywood!

My First Guru, My Mother - Reading my book. This moment made all the hard work that went into writing this book truly worth it! Thanks Mom!

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